Friday, January 2, 2009


So James and I decided to play Scrabble just the two of us tonight. We usually play with my parents a lot. So it was interested just having it be he and I. Normally, James and my dad are neck and neck and so are me and my mom. With James and my dad being about 30-50 points ahead of us girls. Sooo to my shock and amazement, I totally whipped him tonight! I was so proud of myself I decided I had to blog it!

Sam: 241
James: 195

Yippeee for me!


Team Dyer said...

Congrats!! I myself am very competitive and Will and I have a new board game that we love to play. I have beat him 8 times in a row!! He just keeps trying, we have fun with it.

Rob the Blog Ninja said...

Oh man I didn't know you guys liked to play competitive scrabble! I love games like that. They are my fave right after board games. I will have to practice up on my Q words that don't require a U!

Rebecca said...

Way to go Sam! Stuart always beats me. In fact we haven't played in awhile b/c it's like why bother when I know the outcome?

McAtee Family said...

Yahoo for you!!! That is Mike and I's favorite game to play together. It has taken a couple of years but I am finally at the point where I can beat him every now and then. Doesn't it feel amazing :)