Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hospital Gown

So yesterday I finally got on the ball and took Sariah in for her 1 year well baby visit (about a month and a half late.) Usually they just have me get her down to her diaper for the doctor to check her out. But this was a different nurse and she began looking through the drawers and then said I'll be right back, I need to get her a gown. Then she brought in this little kid gown. I had to tie it tighter in the back to have it stay on. I just gushed at how cute I thought it looked. So while I waited for the doctor, I took some pictures!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

An agreement made

James and I have officially decided that if we have a 10th child they will be named.....

Oatmeal Banana


Funny thought

So James is always saying funny things. And I always say I'm going to blog that. This time I actually wrote it down.

We had sat down for lunch and he took a little longer to get to the table. I had already said a prayer to bless my food, but then I realized he would probably want to pray together. So when I told him that. He said, "I can bless it faster in my mind." I just died laughing.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


My mom is really super duper allergic to anything scented. (Well there are like 2 exceptions but those don't really count. Pretty much if is smells she can't have it.) This means no flowers for Valentines day. Well I wanted to be creative this year and do flowers of a sort. So I've seen many of those edible/fruit flower arrangements and that got me thinking...

So here you have the "fruit" of my labor! hehehe I know bad joke! But I made some chocolate covered strawberry bouquets. I filled the vases with kisses and then had the strawberries on the bamboo squires. For a yummy and pretty treat! I had enough to do more than one arrangement so a couple of friends got them too. I wish I had made more because there were other people I thought of giving them to. But as it was I didn't even get them made until Monday and they weren't delivered until Tuesday so I was late. Maybe you will get some for your birthday if you make sure I know the date!
Just thought I would share the fun idea. And for those who are curious it really didn't cost much. I was able to get the strawberries for 2 for $5, the chocolate I think was a little under $3, and the squires were about $2. The kisses were on sale for about $3 for 2 bags. I was able to make 3 small vases (6-8) and one large (a little over a dozen). And still had a few extra strawberries and kisses. So pretty good compared to actual flowers! And so much yummier!!

My Sleeping Beauty

Friday, February 13, 2009

It feels like today

Okay so in my mind today is Valentines' Day. James and I are planning to celebrate tonight by going to our church adults only V-day dinner and dance. His sister is going to come watch Sariah. So since we are celebrating today more than tomorrow. I keep thinking it is today.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Getting paid to be green

Okay so probably a lot of you know this, but I didn't.

So I'm slowly getting greener- really at turtle speed. And a while back I bought a few of the clothe reusable grocery bags. Then in my last trip to Walmart, I decided to buy a bunch more- this time of the blue ones which are only $.50. I am bad at remembering to bring them with me and actually take them into the store. But I'm trying really hard to get better at it. They hold so much more stuff so you can get away with fewer bags and to me that makes it easier to load and unload. Also I try to use the plastic bags in trash cans and stuff, but I always have to many and they end up taking up an entire closet until months later I decide and remember to take them and recycle them.

So the point... I actually remembered to take the bags into Sunfresh with me tonight. And I used 4 bags. Just had to go get a few things. So at the end of checking out the cashier hits this button four times and I see on the screen "Sack refund -$.05" That made me curious because I knew I didn't have any coupons. I asked her what is was and she said oh we give you money off when you bring in your own bags. She said she knew it wasn't much (kinda apologizing.) And I was like that is great! Every bit counts. I just thought this was really cool. I mean really I know it was only $.20 off, but I would have used the bags anyways. And if you use the bag 10 times then it has really paid for itself! So I called my sister to tell her the good news. She said she had found that out about 2 weeks ago and that most of the grocery stores do this. (she knew Price Chopper did it too.)

SO there is just one more incentive to use these bags! And another money saving thing! So if you don't see this when you check out you might ask if they give a bag refund for using your own bags!


Eager to do something

Okay so I am eager to do something. This warm weather has made me think it is spring already and that means project time. I want to work on my bathrooms next because they are the 3 spaces I have done absolutely nothing with. I think I will do the master bath first since it is the one that I'm in the most. But the downstairs bathroom is tiny and would be the quickest. Ahhh warm weather!! Makes me so ambitious!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

I should blog that

So I've realized that if I actually blogged everything I say "I should blog that" about then I would have way more on my blog! So here are some random things I have thought about blogging.


James actually said it. I need to document this so that in the future when I need to use it against him I can. He actually said.......we need a bigger house. Now I don't even remember why he said it, but that doesn't matter. Now I can say that he admitted it and keep that in my arsenal for when we really do!

The missing ring

So James has been without his wedding since the end of October. He took it off while juggling the torches and we couldn't find it. We had looked everywhere. I had even recently reorganized a lot of our cluttery spaces. So since it is now February, we decided to go and just get him a new wedding ring. I jokingly said the minute we order the new ring the old one will turn up. So we headed off Friday to the almost dead Metro North Mall. He found a nice Titanium ring that was on a small sale. He liked it. I liked it (other than the fact that my ring is gold and now they won't match and I think that is weird.) I still thought it was a nice ring and wanted him to get something he liked. So we paid our 20% down and ordered the ring. .....Later that night at bedtime...James and I are getting read to hop into bed and he says hmm wait a minute. He looks behind our bed......and wouldn't you know there is his old ring! Then he tells me he vaguely remembers it falling off his nightstand and not being able to find it. So this is really how he lost it. It wasn't in the grass (as I had feared) to be found this summer by the lawnmower. It was just behind the bed. Sigh! But we had already order the new ring and he had his heart so set on that I couldn't tell him to return it. So yes, he will now have to wedding rings. Is this weird? Probably, but oh well.

There was a third story that I was supposed to write. But now I can't remember it. Hmm it will come to me later I suppose. I will blog it then! hehehe

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Okay Saturdays have sparatically been beautiful around KC lately. And this was no different. I mean 70 degree weather in February!! WOW!! So I had promised myself an outside run today. I love to run outside but I'm pretty wimpy about it. If it isn't just right weather, I just won't do it. Well today was perfect. Nice breeze, warm sun. Ahhh bliss!! So 5 miles later, I'm totally impressed with myself!

Then I get to wear a cute short summery skirt and open toed shoes to Brit's baptism (which was a special event!) It was so fun to wear something without hose and a long coat. Any ways the baptism was so special. I was his teacher when he was 4 so I can't believe it has been long enough that he is now 8! It was such a special day. Brit is a great and amazing boy. Super smart and out going! Congrads!

Friday, February 6, 2009


So today was super nice outside and Sariah and I went for a long walk together and then when we got back decided to hang out for a little while on the grass. She is now convinced that my sunglasses actually belong to her. And is quite put out if you try to take them away. But really seeing how cute she is in them, why would I take them away?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Go me!

So just have to brag for a minute. Last night, I ran 5 miles!! WHOOOHOO!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

An off day

I think most people are used to me being in a good happy mood, so when I have an off day they don't really know how to take it. Yesterday was just one of those days. Saturday, I was out late with Sariah at a friend's house. She and I both stayed up till about midnight. And James was out even later until 3. Yes, I know we are party animals! :) Anyways. I knew when I went to bed it was going to be really hard to get up to my alarm the next morning for church.

And apparently it was even harder then I thought. When it went off, I thought I hit snooze and instead I somehow turned it off completely. So I woke up at 9 am. And yes, church starts at 9 am. I really felt like I needed to be there, so I went ahead and got up and resisted the urge to just roll over and stay in bed. I got dressed and figured I would let James stay home. I was going to take Sariah, but she was still totally passed out and didn't even wake up when I went in her room. (She is the lightest sleeper and will normally wake up if you open the door.) So I left her at home with James. Figuring that worked better and then I didn't have to be even more late with having to dress and feed her.

So off to church I went. Arriving super late, but oh well. While there I was just having one of those deep in thought/non social days. I wasn't smiley and talking to everyone. I just felt like sitting and listening. Hoping that things would touch me and that there really was a reason that I went. Poor Shauna, she kept offering to goose me because I seemed down. Gotta love good friends!

There were several things that really impacted me. I was so glad that I went. I have had a lot on my plate lately. Well enough to need another plate or two. And I have felt every day was an almost day. I almost got caught up at work. I almost got the kitchen clean. I almost got this or that done. It has been quite discouraging.

I think that I'm starting to get back. Starting to have a better outlook again. Starting to feel motivated and impowered again. Starting to recognize that my will lately hasn't been inline with God's. Not that the things that I want are bad or anything, but just not what He would have for me right now. That making myself busy won't make things that I don't want to face go away. That I don't have control over everything, that my Heavenly Father does and that is probably a good thing.

I don't feel ready for some of the changes that I know are quickly to come into my life. I don't think I'm strong enough to handle them with the grace that I would like to. But I know they are coming. I know that somehow God knows I can handle it. And I'm trying to trust that He is right.