Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The things we do

Ah the things we do to have happy children. The military is moving my mom and sister in law's stuff today. And I'm the lucky one who gets to sit and wait on them so I can sign paperwork. So my kids get to hang and watch movies in the car all morning. So far it is a diet of donuts, juice, and lollipops. Pretty sure Ben will need a bath by the time they are done. But they are being good and happy so I'm willing to let it go for now. Hopefully it won't be too much longer for them to finish. Started at 8:40. Now 11:35. Getting close. Ugh.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Every last bit

Ben just has to get every last drop of yogurt from his plate.

Friday, August 19, 2011


At the end of July, we had a fun little weekend away in Nauvoo, IL.  Even with the heat, and Ben being crazy with no nap, getting lots of bug bites, and Sariah majorly scrapping her knees, we still had a lot of fun!

I think the kids liked the play area the best!  It also provided the cutest pictures!



Sariah loved the little log cabins.  And informed me that it was Snow White’s house. 


Ben had to join Sariah in the tea party fun!


We had a great dinner by the camp fire.  Although, we weren’t tough enough to actually camp- we opted for a hotel.  Some of our friends camped and it was fun to have a taste of it for dinner.


Ben and Sariah both crashed after the pageant.  Well Ben crashed during the pageant.  So we laid them together in the hotel bed.  It was quite possibly the cutest moment of the trip for me.  That was until in the middle of the night Ben rolled off the bed and started crying.  Which woke Sariah up and she decided she wanted to go home.  So James slept with Ben and I snuggled with Sariah for the rest of the night. 

IMG_4726 bw

Family portrait in front of the temple. 


Family portrait featuring the dolls- See Sariah.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Playtime fail

So some friends from church coordinated a play date at Dagg Park. Well yeah the city decided to close the fountains and the wading pool except for Sat & Sun and didn't tell anyone. So we got there and could only stare at the water from outside the fence. Then my kids were big wimps and didn't want to play at the park because all the equipment was too hot for their tastes. I decided it was too close to nap time if there wasn't going to be any water and we left early. I told Sariah we could go for chocolate shakes to make up for it. Hopefully after naps we can go to the Y for the splash park.

I wonder if I spoil my kids. I felt bad that they couldn't swim and that I needed to do something to make up for it. Hence the chocolate shake. But maybe I should have just told them it wasn't open and left it at that. It just seems hard for them to understand. Ugh. I'm probably spoiling them to much because I don't want to listen to the fits or tears. Hmmm
Mommy fail?

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Poor third child

So I really haven't blogged much lately. Other than some quick photos from the phone. So this poor third baby has barely been mentioned on here. I am going to try to do better but with trying to get the house ready and keeping up with the other two while being exhausted from pregnancy umm yeah not making any promises. So here are a few tid bits.

Yes IT'S A BOY. I should get sonogram pictures up. Especially since I have had more sonograms this pregnancy than any other. Current total is 4. They keep being these little things that they want a second look at to make sure everything is okay. They have gotten even more detailed than when Ben was born. At my 3rd one there was a dark spot in the brain that could either be just catching it during development or a major chromosome defect. But it was gone on the 4th sonogram-meaning that it isn't a defect just part of development. Yay! Healthy baby.

I am thankfully past most of the nausea. I still have little yucky feelings after I eat so I'm pretty addicted to mint gum. But with gum I feel just fine. I am super tired. I'm sure some of that is having more kids to look after. I pretty much have to have a nap on the days I go to the gym. And many of the days I don't. Hehe.

I am already having Braxton Hicks. Ugh. Nothing to worry about. Just feels like I'm uncontrollably flexing my stomach. I feel like it is early to be having these considering I just finish my 6 month. And I guess I have 4 more months of this to look forward to.

I have had lots of back pain this go around. I contribute most of it to carrying Ben. I try not to pick him up if I can avoid it. But well often it isn't avoidable and or is just plain easier and I answer for it later.

I am trying to workout more this pregnancy. Not sure how long into it I will do that. But I have high goals. I don't want to get as out of shape as I have before. And it is a nice break for both me and the kids to go to the Y. So hopefully I can keep on that.

I started a MBA program this week. Cause yes I'm crazy. It is online and I will be done before the baby comes. I will take off a semester to have the baby and then continue on. It is just one class at a time but hey that is something!

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Saturday, August 6, 2011


Ben loves the slide!!