Monday, May 23, 2011

Whose toy is this?

I thought I was getting an ipad for me.....silly mommy.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Snuggle Buggle

One of the things Ben does best is snuggle. He loves to sit with you and lean against you. Usually I can't get any pictures of him because he won't be still once he sees the camera. Today, he just sweetly sat with me watching a movie so I tried to snap a few. He is such a sweet boy.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


And when you're done making bread, the bowl becomes a hat.


Sariah cooked some bread for me tonight. :).

You may get sick

Of hearing about me talk about being sick. But since that is my life right now well that is the blog. Just wait a few months and check back in then for something more interesting.

Today was a day that I'm fighting to be present. I felt pretty good yesterday and of course over did it. Let me also say that it doesn't take much. I went to the bank, did lunch with my mom and sisters, and went to Sam's club with my sister. And by the time I got home from that, I realized it was more than I should have.

So I have paid for it today. Thankfully I'm not throwing up but I'm fighting the urge for sure. Luckily, my mother in law came up to the airport this morning and came by to help me afterwards. And then my sister took Sariah for a play date with her cousins while Ben napped. If not for that I'm sure I would have been really bad off.

So I'm fighting to be present. To be able to play with my kids and talk with them. To be able to enjoy being pregnant. To be able to just get off the darn couch. I am thankful that I picked out very comfortable couches for my home. :)

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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Oh just one by the way

I'm a slacker at getting the sonogram pictures scanned. I will try to do that next week. I have had two sonograms already- lucky me. I have small subchorionic hemorrhage. It is pretty common and they aren't concerned so don't get all worried. It can actually happen just as sort of like a bruise from implantation. But they did a follow up sonogram to check on it.

But that isn't really point of this post. The point is to address the questions of whether there might be 2 babies since I'm so sick. My sister was giving me a super hard time in fact that it was twins. I told her that if it was I would take her out to a nice steak dinner. So after my first sonogram I had to call her. I said "so where do you want to go for your steak dinner?" PAUSE. she says "WHAT?". Well I had to give it up at that point. There is only one baby! Both sonograms confirmed just one baby.

So just to confirm. Only one baby is on the way!!

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So I've been on the Zoprhan pump for just over a week. It has been a lot more intense than I originally anticipated. Although I can now say it is making a difference and I'm finally feeling human.

They have upped my dose twice but I think this might be right now. Today was the first day I didn't need an extra boost called a bolus. And I didn't have any major nausea spells. YAY!!! I was even able to actually do some stuff around the house. I did some laundry and cut Ben's hair and gave the kids a bath. I wouldn't normally be that excited about getting to do this stuff but when you've been on the couch for two weeks it is a little nice to something.

The hard part is the "sites". That is where it sits and goes into the skin. My skin doesn't really like the Zophran. So it gets pretty sore and i end up with a 2-3 inch bruise at each place. So that is not as fun. And I'm changing it every day. But I'm willing to take it in order to not be throwing up.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Man of many words

One of the adjustments I've had to get used to is that Ben has not been as verbal as Sariah. I know this is a normal boy-girl difference. But it has surprised me how little Ben has really spoken or even tried to speak. So this morning was such a treat. Here's a little video of him saying Cheese, UhOh, Yeah, and Very good. It was so fun!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sick sick sick

Well I've been pretty quiet about myself and life lately. Partly because I've been couch bound all week. I've left the house umm 2 times. ER and the doctor's office. So exciting.

James let leak on Facebook some of the details. I gave him a hard time that he talks more about me on Facebook than him. So here are the full details of where we are now.

I am now 10 weeks pregnant!! Yay!! Sadly my body isn't so sure it likes being pregnant. At least not my stomach. So I started not feeling good pretty much the day the line showed on the test. I've been sicker this pregnancy than the others which is saying a lot. Considering I'm usually bed ridden the first half.

My doctor's office has started doing acupuncture to treat morning sickness. Let me say that my experience is not normal and they have had great success with it. I would still recommend trying it to someone who has morning sickness problems.

I did my first treatment on a Friday. I felt pretty good that night and great the next morning. So great that when James offered to push the kids in the stroller for the 5k temple run that morning I decided to run it. It felt so good to be out and be active after having felt so crummy. But afterwards I felt wiped. I came home and took a nap since James and I were supposed to have a date that night. So that night arrives and my nausea is back for sure. We dropped the kids off and pulling away I threw up. Thankfully I keep zip locks on me at all times during the first half of my pregnancy. So we did dinner and walked around Zona Rosa for about 20 minutes before I was feeling just too crummy and needed to lay down.

Sunday, we were supposed to go to Lee's Summit for my brother in law's baby blessing. I backed out and let James just take the kids. I knew my body couldn't handle the long car ride. And later that day, I was super thankful I stayed home. Basically, I threw up all day everything I tried to eat. Even just one bite or one drink would come up within about 20 minutes. So Monday morning I felt a little better and called my doctor's office to see if I could try to wait it out a little longer. Apparently, they don't want you to go more than 12 hours without keeping liquids down. So when I threw up the only thing I had that morning- gatorade- I figured I had to go into the ER.

So James came home from work and took me in to Liberty's ER. Jackie- James' mom- had kept the kids over night since she knew how sick I was Sunday. At the hospital, they pumped 3 bags of fluid into me and some Zophran. Needless to say my pee wasn't orange anymore. And the next day they called to let me know I had a UTI. So Yay now antibiotics on top of my still super nauseous stomach.

So the rest of the week went like so. Jackie continued to keep the kids until Friday. I laid on the couch taking Zophran and barely keeping down broth and gatorade. I was still throwing up most solids. I went to the doctor for a second acupuncture treatment since I already had it scheduled and it did help some before. But it wasn't helpful this time. So I called Friday to see if they could up my dosage of Zophran since I was still so sick. They said they couldn't but they could switch me to a pump.

So Friday night a nice nurse came to the house to get me started. It is a little more intense than I had anticipated. It isn't an IV. It is a little plastic tube/needle that sits in the skin and hooks up to a pump. It gives me a low dose every hour to try to regulate me. So far it has been helpful. I've still spent a lot of time on the couch but I'm not fighting the extreme nausea that I was having. And if I do feel sick I can call and they can let me have an extra boost of meds.

So it is a little awkward my new little fanny pack. And the drugs are hard on your skin so at each site I use it sort of feels like a really awful bruise. And I have to switch sites every day. So hmm I could end up pretty sore. But at this point I'll take that over being so sick. We are still working on getting back to fully hydrated and being able to eat full size meals. But yesterday I didn't throw up at all!!! For like the first time in well over a week. So I'll take that small victory.

Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers. And for the mysterious cookies someone left. James didn't find a card with them so whoever did that it was super sweet. SUPER huge thanks to my awesome mom in law for keeping my kids all week while I laid on the couch. There is no way I could have handled them on my own. And SUPER SUPER huge thanks to my hubby. He has been kind and patient taking care of me. Cooking for me and getting me anything I've needed. I know this has been a hard week on all of us. And here's to getting better and having a healthy baby.