Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Elias James Ransom

Today, Elias joined our family.

The stats:

Born: November 29, 2011 at 12:24 pm
Length: 20 inches
Weight: 7lbs 15 oz
Head: 13 1/2 inches
Chest 13 1/2 inches

Lots of dark brown hair.
Super awake and alert- more than either of my other kids.
Good eater.

I was induced. The labor was 5hrs and 24 minutes. Everything went smoothly. He did have the cord around his neck twice. And I will try to write a more detail post tomorrow about the labor.

But here's a few pictures for now.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Truly a moment


These little moments are the ones that make my heart melt.

Preschool for Sariah


Sariah started preschool a few weeks ago.  And while I was a slacker mom and completely forgot to get pictures on the first day of school, these are from the second day of school- so that is okay right?

She loves school!  Although I don’t love the timing of it, I’m so excited for her to have the experience.  She is an afternoon program with a local high school 3 days a week.  They do all sorts of fun crafts and after class each day she asks when she can go back. 

She really wanted to hold up her candy she got before school so that is a little box of Nerds in her hands. 


Really, she is quite the ham- pretty sure that comes from her daddy!


Pregnancy Pictures- From 36 Weeks

So these are a little old.  (From 11/5 or 36 weeks along) But here are some pictures of my big belly!  After having lots of people be so sweet and tell me how small I look, James took these pictures and said “Man you’re HUGE.” 

Yeah feel free to smack him next time you see him!  Smile




My cute kids!!

Here are just some random cute pictures of the kids laying next to each other on the floor.  Aren’t they the cutest?


Changing Table

So with Ben and Sariah, I had a changing table.  Nothing fancy but it worked.  So when we were cleaning out my parents’ house, we found this old dresser.  I decided to take on the project of redoing it and making it into my changing table. 

Little did I know how much WORK this would be.  So here are the pictures of it in all its ORIGINAL GLORY:


At first, I thought I would use a stripper on it.  So I had my “get it done” group help with that.  We tried it and man it just wasn’t working.  I mean we put the stripping agent on and scrapped and scrapped with minimal success.  So then I turned to sanding it.  This was more expensive considering how many sanding pads I ended up using.  But much faster and worked a lot better.  (After talking to friends I learned that strippers don’t work as well on old paint and oil paint- I think this dresser had both.)

So next go round of get it done, I had them help sand some more.  And then I made James help sand some more.  And don’t worry I sanded myself a lot too!  You can also see the drawers in the background.  We did replace the bottom of the drawers as they were starting bow.  I just forgot to get pictures of that process.  Here are some IN PROCESS pictures:  



After a lot of sanding hours- A LOT- and some spray paint and some new handles here is the FINISHED PRODUCT:

(Note: Sariah refused to let me take a picture of just the dresser.  She had to be next to it.)



Here it is with the changing pad.  Of course my cover matches it- which I wish it didn’t.  I had the cover already so oh well!  I’m still debating on trying to add a glaze or distress it some.  But as my due date was getting closer I decided I like it how it is and will do that in the spring if I still want to. 



So from this:



To this:


I must say I’m pretty happy!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yep still pregnant

So I think I'm now emotionally stable to talk about my doctor's appointment yesterday and the fact that I'm still pregnant.

So I will preface this with pointing out that I'm pregnant and while I can tell myself rational things, currently my over emotional side typically dominates the initial reaction to anything.

So I had my doctor's appointment Friday. I am 38 weeks along and they were going to do a sonogram weight estimate. I had high hopes that this would mean scheduling the induction for about a week later. (This was based off a previous discussion with one of my doctors that this was likely. I didn't just make that up.). So part way through the sono the tech says he doesn't look that big and right then I knew this discussion was NOT going to be what I wanted to hear. Also keep in mind that I had NO sleep the nights prior to this due to irregular but painful contractions all night long. So basically the end result of the sonogram was an estimate of 6lbs 14 oz and measuring less than my due date by a little over a week. Side note I have always measured less than my due dates with every sonogram on every pregnancy- Ben was still 9lbs and Sariah 8.5.

So the doctor did check me and yeah I'm still dilated at a 1 (same as the last two times) but I did get to 70% effacement up from 50%. Which in my mind means great, I'm doing nothing.

So she says they'll see me again on the 28th. See me. Not induce me which is what I was wanting. See part of the problem is that James sort of doesn't get the option to take days off for the first 3 days of a month, because that is their crazy time at work. So I can't schedule for the 1,2 or 5th of December. She said they "might" be able to induce on the 29th after seeing me the day before but no guarantee and even with that James would be at work the day I come home.

So now I've had a good cry and gotten really upset that what I thought was waiting 1 week will probably be waiting 3 weeks. I've almost come to grips with it. Last night, I didn't have contractions all night long like before, and that gave me more confidence that I can handle waiting. The idea of having contractions all day and night for 3 weeks just seemed so unbearable. So I was super thankful the God gave me a break.

I know that waiting longer is better. I know that it would be great for the baby to have the chance to come on their own. I know the baby will come when the timing is right. I know that this gives the baby more time to develop and be healthy. I know I shouldn't rush it and I will only be more exhausted when the baby does come. See yes I am logical and rational.

It is just I feel huge and hurt all the time so despite knowing all that stuff... I'm still pretty ready to not be pregnant.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ben and Mommy time

Sariah has started preschool 3 days a week through the Oak Park High School. She loves it and although the times aren't always convenient for me, I know that it is such a good thing for her.

The other big plus is that it gives me time with just Ben for a little while before the new baby comes. We go shopping together, run errands, have lunch, etc. It is so nice to shop with just one kid! Ahhh trying to enjoy that while I can.

Today, was her short day. So we just ran out for lunch at Burger King. Here is my little king being as cute as can be...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Siblings are the best

Ben is in the "follow sissy" stage. He wants to do everything she does, be where she is, eat what she eats, etc. It was super funny tonight. I took them both to The Grove (indoor playground). Ben literally just followed Sariah around. When he couldn't find her, he would come back to me and say "where'd go?" then once he spotted her "there she is!". And run off back to follow her.

Yep siblings are the best.

Dora envy

Man, sometimes I wish I was Dora. I mean seriously.... A backpack with everything I might need yet light enough that a small child can carry it all day AND a map that knows where everything is and where it is going and can tell me how to get there is 3 easy steps.

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Friday, November 4, 2011

How are you feeling?

I get this question a lot lately. I guess I should come up with a less snarky remark. My usual response is "Pregnant!". I'm now 36 weeks along. So ONE MONTH left! Possibly less if the baby looks big on the weight estimate I will have in 2 weeks.

I had my first weekly (ugh!) appointment yesterday. I really don't care for going to the doctor every week. I feel like I'm always there and I say I'm doing fine, they say you look fine, and I leave. But I know it is a safety thing and I should be a good girl and not complain.

I'm now 1 cm dilated. But barely according to the doctor. I was really hoping for more because I'm having contractions all day- everyday. I'm thinking I will probably get induced again so now for the waiting game.

Thankfully, I had a very productive day yesterday. I got a lot off my list. I'm mostly ready for this little one. All the clothes are washed. I plan to adjust the car seat straps today. My bag is halfway packed. The crib is ready just waiting till I'm a little closer to put clean sheets on. That kind of stuff.

Mentally, last night was not so good. The kids were a nightmare to get to bed. Still up fighting me at 10pm. I was literally sitting outside their door (crying) holding it shut with Ben screaming on the other side. One of those, I'm a horrible mom and can't handle these two and yet I will have a newborn soon.

Thankfully, it is a better morning. I'm renewed and positive again after a lot of prayer and listening to Jim Brickman to relax and sleep last night.

So yep I'm feeling pregnant and today so far positive.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Me talking to Sariah tonight at dinner:

Do I need to take your carrots away? No? Okay then stop sticking them in your nose.


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