Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Finally some wedding pictures!

Okay so a few months back, I told you that I did wedding pictures for my sister in law in CT. So here are some highlights:

Here is Sariah with her Great Grandma Dorn. It was so cute seeing them together!
Here is Evgeny and Jorge that I talked about in the earlier post. Evgeny and James used to work together and the two of them hosted us at their beautiful beach front home on Sunday after the wedding.
James and I even managed to sneak in a dance!
Sariah helped everyone raise the roof!

And then there were 4

Welcome Seth!!

Our friends Rob and Jessi had their baby this weekend. Basically when they get pregnant, we start thinking about having another/trying. So Sariah and Ryan are 7 months apart and Seth and our new baby will be 6 months I think. We are so excited that Seth is here now! He is super cute and cuddly! We hope that he can pass all his newborn/premmie tests and come home tonight!

The night before having Seth, we did the last pictures of their family of three!


Okay so this pictures are a little late in posting. But I wasn't sure if I wanted to expose everyone else to the creepiest looking pictures of my husband I've ever seen! So at his work someone decided to throw a Cinco de Mayo party. They were joking and I think James came up with the new name of Cinco de Mustache party. With that several of the guys in the office decided to grow facial hair for the party and the day off shave it down to just a mustache. So James had a goatee for a week or so and the day of the party looked like this:

Yes creepy I know! Thankfully he shaved it all off that night!! Good thing he didn't have this when we met or we may have never gone on our first date- let alone got married!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Rare moment

Sariah never takes naps with me any more. She likes to be in her crib
with her binkie and blankie. But she went down for a late nap today
because we were out. When she woke up, I could tell she wasn't really
ready to be up. So I grabbed a blankie and took the rare moment to
snuggle with her on the couch. She fell back asleep and let me have a
moment with my baby again.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A thought

This is from the book I'm currently reading, A Woman's Guide to a
Simplier Life. It struck me enough that I wanted to put it here to

One of the ways we can bring balance to our lives is to watch for the
moments worth savoring and then stop whatever we're doing in order to
savor them.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009


So there is a playgroup that meets every week. They get together at
different parks all around the area. Usually I'm too lazy to go. I
have things to do or it just easier to stay home and relax with
Sariah. Especially when I'm feeling sick. Plus Sariah is still not
walking so in my mind there isn't that much she can do at the park.

But yesterday I was feeling decent and decided that I should make the
effort to go. It was really fun. And I thought Sariah was going to
take up permanent residence in this swing.


Okay Sariah LOVES sunglasses or just glasses as she calls them. And I
found this pair at Target in their $1 bin.

I call her my movie star.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So I'm going to admit it....I'm sadly totally into all the Bachelor/ette shows. I haven't watched all the past seasons or anything. But when a new one comes on, now that I have a DVR I don't miss it. Right now is the Bachelorette- Jillian. She's cute and fun.

I've never actually watched a girl one all the way through so I think it will be interesting. For the most part the show is just fun people watching for me. I think it is facinating- with the knowledge that they hype things up and make it exciting-- it is a reality show not actually reality.

James just sits and laughs that I like it so much and get so into it. I know it is an addiction. And isn't the first step admitting it!?? hehehe

Monday, May 18, 2009


Today, I had a lovely lunch with my dad, sister, brother in law, and Sariah. We hit our usual spot of North Dragon Chinese. We have gone there well forever. The owners know us especially my parents. They could practically order for us most of the time. It is just a nice place and good food.

I am reading a book my other sister gave me called A Women's Guide to a Simpler Life. It is all about refocusing on what our heart cherishes and what brings us joy and learning to say no to the things that don't. Anyways, I realized that my relationship with my dad is just one of those things. I will drop everything to do lunch with him- if possible. He just uplifts me and makes me better.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

At my end

Although my morning sickness hasn't been as bad this time, I'm at my
mental block point. I'm just not sure how much longer I can handle
being sick. I'm not throwing up like I did with Sariah but I still
spend a majority of my day on the couch. Keeping horizontal is one of
the few things that helps.

It isn't just physically wearing but mentally breaks me down. I can't
do anything! I am barely keeping up with work and the house and many
days fail at both. I want to do things with Sariah- go places and
things but I can't. It is even hard to shower on a regular basis-
gross I know!

So I'm 13 weeks (and a few days). Just hopeful that I won't be sick
the whole time. At about 14 weeks I starting improving with Sariah and
at 16 was pretty normal. So I am just praying that will hold true
again. I just want to get back to life- or enjoying it really.

Even this is being written on my phone from my couch. I was feeling
too sick to eat at the table. :(

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Peas in a pod/tent

Ryan and Sariah sharing her tent.

A good husband

So about 3:30-4:00 almost everyday I battle being sick. I usually
expect to be sick but some days are worse than others.

This was one of those days. I just needed to lay down until dinner.
And well James' idea of cooking is frozen pizza or toasted bagels. He
just really doesn't like to cook not that he isn't capable. But being
a good husband agreed to make what I wanted (sweddish meatballs and
rice) as long as I would tell him how to do it from the couch.

So he got the rice started. Then went to opening the can of cream of
mushroom soup. Which has one of those pull back tops.....

I heard a yell...

Some fumbling...

And then James stumbles into the living room...

Chillin together

Last week I was blessed with a little boy! Okay really I only got to
watch Noah for a few hours. But it was great. We all ate lunch
together and then both babies took naps- at the same time! Crazy
cool. Once they got up we played and they insisted on watching some
Sesame Street.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Eating with a spoon

So I admit I haven't been the best about letting Sariah feed herself.
It is sooo messy! I just took what for me was the easy route and fed
her by hand when it was something involving a spoon. Well she's
getting older and I'm realizing she should probably be more self
sufficient. So yesterday I wasn't feeling great at dinner and decided
I would just hand her yogurt and a spoon and see what happens. Sorry I
forgot to take pictures of the event. But I think a fourth made it
into her tummy. But once you start this kind of independence then she
expects it all the time. So this mornings cereal would not be accepted
by my hand. She of course had to do it herself. What have I started?
I know it is a good thing, but oh the mess!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa Ransom

Back in April, we got to hang out a little with James parents for an evening. Thankfully, James asked me to take some pictures of them with Sariah. I don't have very many of them together. So I'm glad he asked or I wouldn't have thought about it.

Here's Grandpa Ransom (James' Mom):

And Grandpa Ransom (James' Dad):

Picture perfect


The loves of my life

These are the loves of my life. My wonderful husband and beautiful daughter.