Saturday, February 26, 2011


On Tuesday I was supposed to pick the kids up from Grandma Ransom in Grain Valley. Oddly my car wouldn't start. My sister came and jumped me but it meant meeting closer to home and Jackie suggested the temple site. I am thankful for odd occurrences that can be meaningful coincidences. What a blessing that morning to see the beauty that will be a temple. It brought me joy.

Snugga Bugga

Ben woke up before Sariah today and gave me some snuggle time on the couch.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


If you live in KC, you know that we have had A LOT of snow this year.  And every time there is snow the question comes, can we play in the snow?  Usually I tell her to ask her daddy when he gets home if he will take her to play in the snow.  Mommy is a wimp about the cold.  And with all that snow we were able to wait until the weekend when daddy was home to go sledding in the yard and make a sort of snowman looking tower thingy. 




And here are some after the snow random pj pictures.



May I just say Ben has already started making some of the funniest faces.  Exhibits below.


The rest of Disneyland

So the rest of Disney we didn’t take that many pictures.  Partially because I had a flakey battery in the camera and I am a loser and left the extra batteries in the car. 

But we rode a bunch of rides.  We mainly stuck to the Princess area as that is what Sariah is obsessed with right now.  Sariah loved pretty much every ride but one.  After each ride she would ask if we could do it again.  There was a boat ride that took you through the miniature versions of all the places the stories take place.  But the ride starts by going into the mouth of the whale from Pinocchio.  We happened to not get to this ride until it was dark. Needless to say, umm there were tears and screaming that she didn’t want to go into the scary whale.  The lovely people working the ride gave her a magic flashlight so it wouldn’t be so scary.  She did well once we were past the whale until the ride came back around and this was the only time she didn’t want to ride a ride again.  She will still tell you about the scary whale at Disneyland.    




We had Ben in a sling much of the time.  He wasn’t so sure about riding on Daddy’s back.


Sariah would only get in the stationary Dumbo.  She was too scared of the flying ride.


Here we are waiting for the Dumbo train- Casey Jr.  The closed down the train right before it was our turn.  We decided to wait it out even though they said it could be a half hour.  As it turned out it only took like 10 minutes!  We were glad we stayed.


James and Walt are pretty tight. 


Doesn’t he look like the best daddy in the world in the picture below.  See that pure joy on her face?


A lovely Asian couple asked if we would take their photo and in exchange they took ours.  I’m so glad!  I love this little family photo at Disney.  What a priceless trip!



Probably Sariah’s favorite part of the trip. We stood in the Princess line not once but twice so that we could get to see her true favorite princesses.  And I’ve already posted the cute exchange between her and Cinderella. 

So here is my Cinderella meeting her favorite people! And well I think Ben enjoyed it too!

Round one included Jasmine, Belle and Tiana. IMG_3653





Round two included Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White