Tuesday, February 2, 2016


So I know usually these posts occur a little closer to the New Year, but hey it is only February, so close enough.  This year my word, my theme, my mantra is FOCUS.  I am a mom of 4 kids.  I am a wife to a work aholic.  We recently bought a puppy from a local shelter. I am a slight social media addict.  I still love looking at Pinterest.  My mind and focus are easily distracted.  I typically feel like I'm running behind and just not quite getting everything on my list done.  So this year, I decided to try to decrease some of the distractions.  To increase my personal focus. 

What does that mean specifically for me? (Part 1) 

Well a big goal is to become a morning person! There I said it!  If you ask my husband, he will tell you that you basically shouldn't talk to me in the morning and if at all possible let me sleep in as long as you can.  But that is going to change this year. 

Two main thoughts on this.  One is being more pleasant in the morning.  Trying not to, well basically trying not to lose it on people because I'm a grouch in the morning.  So I've been trying to be more conversational with my husband.  And kiss my kids and tell them good morning to start my day. 

Second thought is trying to get up earlier and get my workout done in the morning.  This is definitely easier said than done.  But here is the non-beating yourself up way of thinking about it.  Every day I successfully do this is a great day and one day toward my goal.  And the days I don't, I won't dwell on them.  I am someone who requires a lot of sleep to function.  So if I don't get to bed early enough getting up early is more than "just likely" not to happen.  So to be successful in this my night habits have to change.  It is February and I can tell you I didn't make it there in January.  But I did get up early more days in January than I did in December- so WIN!

More thoughts for another day. Focusing on my home, becoming more minimalistic, physically improving, etc.

#OLW #FindingFocus