Saturday, November 30, 2013

Eli is TWO

Not a lot of fan fare this year.  And it took us a few day to celebrate fully due to the closeness to Thanksgiving.  But he didn’t mind.  And was super happy with a chocolate cake.  And somehow he knew the minute he turned two and cranked up the sassy. 

I love this sweet little man though.  He is our biggest kid by far as he is already wearing 3T and a few 4T clothes.  He loves to wrestle his brother Ben and grab him around the waist and slowly lean over to pull him down to the ground.  His grin and eyelashes still melt my heart even when he is being ornery.  He is completely in love with Sariah.  Every day when we go to pick her up from the bus, the minute he sees the bus he starts yelling- RIA RIA RIA.     

He is now super into puzzles and trains.  And loves to claim the iPad as his own. 

Not a big talker, but still knows how to get his way.  And when he says woove you momma- gosh he can get whatever he wants. 






Friday, November 29, 2013

Cookie day

As the Mayo tradition continues, cookie day was the day after Thanksgiving.  Started by my mom, we get together and make a bunch of cookie dough.  We bake some up to enjoy that day and then freeze the rest for all those events you need last minute cookies for in December.  This has now passed on to the grandkids. 







And the newest sweet baby making her appearance…. Brielle.  I always knew I was great, but it is official now.  I’m a great aunt. 



My nephew Tim is a daddy and my sister is now a GRANDMA!!



Thursday, November 28, 2013


This was my first year to host Thanksgiving for the Ransoms.  Usually my mother in law has hosted, but this year it was at my place.  Thankfully, we do potluck so I wasn’t cooking every single dish.  But I had never cooked a turkey before so I was pretty stressed that I would give everyone food poisoning and salmonella. 
Wednesday, we made apple pie.  The kids wanted to help with the dough. 
And the glorious bird….  Thankfully it was cooked all the way through.  No one got sick.  And it even tasted good.  Thanks to my sister Meg who walked me through it and told me how to do it all.  Of course getting up at 5 AM about killed me and I hate nightmares all night about forgetting to start the turkey, so hopefully someone else will host next year. 
Some family shots….

James’ brother Mark wasn’t there.  So this isn’t all of the grandkids.  Not sure they will all fit anymore. 
The siblings and spouses minus a few sets. 

We barely squeezed into the front room.  But it was lovely to have all the adults at one table. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ben turned 4

So my little man turned 4 today.  Ben is so many things and always has me on my toes.  I have probably yelled the loudest at him and yet felt such overwhelming love for him.  He is the kid that will snuggle up to you and say "Mom your my buddy, I love you."  He is so hard to photograph, because he won't even hold still enough for the DSLR camera.  He has boundless energy and will be on the go for as long as he can, but still needs his naps.  He still gets up at night and usually wants to "snuggle for 1 minute" before getting back in his bed.  He would still follow Sariah anywhere and is now happy to lead Eli around too. 
Love you Ben!  You crack me up and make me feel loved, along with wanting to pull my hair out.  I sure hope you are always the momma's boy that you are now!