Friday, September 13, 2013


So yesterday was day 3 of my juice fast. It didn't end quite how I wanted. I had barely started my afternoon juice when we needed to go get Sariah from the bus. I debated on taking it with me but thought we would be quick so I left it home. 

We came home to find that one of the boys locked the inner garage door and we were now completely locked out of the house. So by the time we got back into the house I was feeling awful. I tried the juice but since they were the more potent green and red varieties I simply couldn't stomach it. So sadly I ended a little early. But I stayed healthy. I had grilled chicken breast, brown rice, and peas. Then the fruit I would have juiced for dessert with a few raw almonds. 

So today I weighed 141.6. Which means I lost a total of 4.8 lbs.  That is pretty significant to me. Now the fun will be seeing if I keep it all off. 

My waist went down 1 inch to a 32. And my legs went down just slightly. 

So I'm happy with the physical results. It did get me motivated again to eat healthier. Today I did fairly good. I did splurge on a frozen pizza tonight as I was too burned out to cook. But the rest of the day I did awesome. 

I think I would do it again. And I somewhat plan to after the marathon. I do plan to still juice just not exclusively. 

Yay for being healthy!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 2

So I'm down another pound now at 143.4. Not sure why the .4 is staying the same but oh well!

Yesterday was rough. Way rough. And now starts the point where I share too much information. So I tried one of the recipes with beets. It is pretty alarming to poop beets. Just sayin. But beyond that the diarrhea came. And came all morning long. It was bad. I felt so crummy by lunch time I drank half of my green juice and then slept for several hours. Thankfully Eli took a long nap and a friend of mine brought Ben home from the birthday party he was at. 

Although I felt better from my nap, I had accomplished nothing that day. So I ran around like a crazy person trying to get the rest of my juice made and clean house and get prettied up for a baby shower I was going to. 

So feeling pretty decent I get out of the house and head to the shower when I see a voicemail from my sister. She was surprised my kids weren't at dance class. Crap. I thought juicing was supposed to help with memory and mental clarity. Guess I'm a complete lost cause because I COMPLETELY forgot both kids had Dance class. Total mom fail. 

I went to the baby shower that was serving a complete dinner and cake. And yes just frantically chewed gum the whole time. It was fun and hard. 

Then my sis started getting really sick. So I got a text after the shower that she won't be able to keep the juice fast with me. 

So I came home tired, still not feeling super great, and just emotionally down. 

Yeah don't make me repeat day 2. 

But today is day 3. I'm halfway through the day. And I've decided that the 3 day plan is enough for me. I will probably still juice some tomorrow but not exclusively. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Start of Day 2

So I'm down 2 lbs today.  My weight this morning was 144.4.  I'm assuming this is mostly water weight so not to big of a deal. 

I slept well last night until I had to get up to go to the bathroom and then felt super hungry and had trouble getting back to sleep. 

But on to the day.  I'm drinking my hot water and going to make my morning juice in just a minute. 

Here we go again. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 1

Day 1 is done. 

It was way harder than I expected. The hunger was mostly manageable. Aka I didn't starve although I was hungry. But after each juice I still felt like I needed to "eat".  Maybe it the chewing, feeling like I need substance. 

Going grocery shopping was hard. Boy did everything sound amazing!!

Cooking dinner was hard. I was yearning for the scrambled eggs.  They still sound good now. 

The coconut water and I weren't real friends either. I did find some other today that has fruit purée in it that I'm going to try. 

But the juices were pretty good. Some just tolerable. :). Let's be honest. But I didn't gag or have to pinch my nose. 

And I'm willing to do it again tomorrow. 



I like to know where I started and see progress. With that said, I'm actually in really good shape in my opinion. I ran 15 miles last week for marathon training. I regularly workout. And strength wise feel pretty good. So why am I doing a juice fast/reboot?  

Weight: 146.4
While I'm not completely attached to a number I wouldn't mind losing a few pounds. Despite my intense exercise, I am at a pretty sharp plateau for weight loss. 

Measurement: 33 in waist; 22L 23R thigh

This is where I'd like some change. Mostly the waist. After 3 kids my belly isn't what it once was. And probably will never be that again. But it would be nice to have it a little closer. 

So why am I doing this??

Partly to support Meg. I had really considered it before but could quite commit. Seeing her commit made me want to do it with her. 

I would like to be healthier. I'm hoping this will kick start better habits and get my diet back on track. 

Energy. I feel like I'm always running and always tired. I'm hoping this will give me some energy boosts from cutting out all the crap. :)

So there is the start. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Juice reboot

So I have some motivation to blog a little journey I'm taking with my sister. I finally convinced her to watch the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. She's been having serious health issues well most of her life. But lately they've been unbearable. And the doctors so far have no real answers. So I kept telling her about various healing diets. Ones that are extreme but also have shown extreme results. So I was still majorly surprised when the day after she told me she watched it and was ready to give it a try a serious try. She's aiming for like 20 days or more. I'm planning to join her for 3-5 days. Right now the plan is 5 unless by day three I no longer have 3 kids because the grumpies have taken over mommy and I can't handle them anymore. 

So tonight I prepped my morning and lunch juice. Yes it is better the fresher you can drink it. But I also know that time and busyness can sabotage any diet plan I have. So I prepped tonight. 

Tomorrow I'll take my stats so I can compare. 

Wish me luck on my "Reboot with Joe".