Friday, September 30, 2011

Cuddle with dad

The last few days Sariah hasn't been able to get enough of her daddy.

Tonight, we babysat for friends and with James not feeling well he went to bed before they came back. When they got back they asked where James was and I said he went to lie down. A few minutes later I noticed Sariah wasn't in the room. She must have heard me and decided it was her perfect chance to go snuggle with daddy. This is what I came up to find. These are my favorite kind of moments.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Not a team player

I’m the first to admit that I’m not really a good team player.  Especially in school.  I’m a VERY anal student.  I know that being in school brings out my OCD like nothing else.  I think that part of it is that I know I’m capable of an A and that if I don’t get an A in a class I feel that means I didn’t try hard enough.  I have had a few classes that were exceptions.  Where truly the professor thought their purpose in life was to never give an A to anyone.  Those classes I can let go of.  And I’m not saying this to sound full of myself.  I just know that I’m a good student.  If somehow I could make money at being a student that would rock! 

So I’ve started masters classes towards an MBA.  The first class I’m taking is Accounting for Management Decisions. So much of it is review for me.  It is an online class.  We have to do a team paper.  It is due by midnight tonight.  I’m pretty much ready to fire my group.  Particularly one girl has NO CLUE what she is doing.  I’ve had to draft much of her work for her and rework most of what she did on her own.  I only left one of her parts alone, because it was so confusing that didn’t know what to do with it. 

The main reason I hate team work in school is that I feel I have no control.  You can’t force the other people to be good students.  Even though you can do the team evaluation that doesn’t mean you won’t have major stress, have to extra work, and still have to turn something in that you aren’t completely proud of.  And have to work on it on Sunday even though you don’t normally do any homework on Sunday.   


Okay thanks for letting rant.  Yeah and I’m having major Braxton Hicks about it.  Tomorrow, I’m totally going to get ice cream!    

Ben singing part 1

Trading phones

Ben and Sariah crack me up sometimes. Here they are trading phones back and forth. Ben is obsessed with the phone right now and likes to talk on it.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Matching Rain Boots and my lived in house

So I realize that this would have been cuter if I had gotten the kids dressed all cute and took them out in the rain or something fab like that.  But well this is life.  This is my messy basement.  And hey at least I took a picture.  A while ago I bought Sariah these cute rain boots.  Thankfully she has tiny feet that grow very slowly so they still fit her, because someone gave us the same rain boots in a smaller size that fit Ben.  And miracle they both wanted to wear them together when it was raining the other day. 



I think that my kids hugging each other is about the cutest thing!  Melts my heart every time!


Trying to take more pictures

James has been challenging me to try to take more pictures of the kids.  And by pictures I mean using the real camera and not just snapshots on the phone.  And I hate to report that I haven’t done very well.  In fact I was reading someone else’s blog who has links to their friends blogs down the side and saw that I hadn’t updated mine in 2 weeks and even that post was a phone picture.  I really thought it had been more recent than that.  Time flies with this forgetful and stressed out pregnancy brain I have.  I also realized that I don’t think I have posted a single pregnancy picture.  Maybe that is due to the fact that I feel huge this pregnancy and haven’t taken many pictures.   Hmmm.  I’m not going to make any promises for the future that I don’t know I will keep, but it did make me sad that I have slacked so much lately. 


So here are a few random pictures from the day after James challenged me. (9/4/11)  Yep I did really good for a day! hehehe 

I was trying to get a shot of just Ben which is really hard to do with Sariah around…


Ahh here we go- just the handsome boy.


Sariah of course demanded her own turn..


Ben thinks it is really fun and helpful for him to feed you.  Thankfully Sariah is a pretty good sport about it.


This is when the photos usually have to end.  When Ben starts charging the camera desiring to hold it and see the pictures. 


If Ben is quiet…

There are two options for if Ben is being to quiet.  The first and more common is that he is somewhere in the house causing trouble and making a mess.  The second and super sweet is that he has randomly fallen asleep somewhere.  These are actually from 8/28 so it was a few Sundays ago.  But I had gone upstairs to get ready I think and James was downstairs on the computer.  I came back down to get Ben dressed and found this.  He had snuggled up with the huge horse that my aunt bought the kids and fallen completely and totally asleep.  I’m telling you it is moments like these that make up for all of his craziness.  IMG_4758IMG_4759IMG_4761IMG_4762IMG_4763

Wednesday, September 7, 2011