Sunday, January 11, 2009


So I had Sariah with me at work as usual. She just kind of has free reign on my office floor. I put out a bunch of toys and she just crawls around and plays. Well Monday, I ran up to do just a few things. She was crawling around and went to climb up my desk/push herself up to her knees against the desk. And you guessed it, her hand slipped and she banged her head really badly. At this time I was on hold on the phone with our UT office. So I think she has just hit really hard and I'm trying to grab her binkie to calm her down as she's screaming. Then I look down and realize she has actually hit the corner and hard enough to cut herself and is bleeding everywhere. And of course I'm wearing a cream sweater at the time. So phone against my shoulder, I'm rushing down the hall to the bathroom with my screaming bleeding baby to get some paper towels. Then the UT office person comes back on the phone so I'm trying to finish quickly with her, put pressure on the wound...I get off the phone and a lady from another office comes into the bathroom to see if everything is okay. I explain what happened while Sariah won't let me keep anything on the cut. I go back to my office to get a band aid from my purse, since I normally keep a few in there. But no luck. I go across the hall to ask John if we have any band aids in the office and shortly explain what happened. Trying to keep the paper towel on her head since it is a head wound and won't stop bleeding. But no luck, we have no band aids in the office. Then I remember that my Scion owner's manual came in a nice little zipper case and has a small first aid kit in it. (THANK YOU SCION!!) So I'm putting a blanket around Sariah and going down to the car to finally get a band aid on her head to keep it from bleeding everywhere. Needless to say I packed up at work and headed home after that.

Big sigh! It was such an ordeal. I was like why did I come to work today?

So here are some pictures of her with her lovely band aid:

And here is the day after of the actual cut. And yes this was 2 days before her birthday and birthday party so just in time to be in all the pictures!!

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Alaska Law said...

Why do things always happen at once...on the phone, screaming child etc.!