Friday, January 30, 2009

More to Sariah's Room

So I've added more to Sariah's room. I finally finished the mural of the flower on the wall. I know it is big! But that is what I was going for! hehehe I've had it done for a little while, but just got some pictures.

And I got her letters done. I've had this and Melissa had a night with everyone over to make them all cute. I really wanted to go but it was the weekend I ended up going to TX for my grandpa's funeral so I just wasn't up for it. Then it took me forever to do them on my own! But here they are!

The auction

Okay so we did a service auction for our Enrichment this quarter. And here's a little background on it. First, I'm sleeping a little better now that it is all over. I was sooooo stressed and tried really hard to make it be all that it could. The last enrichment, as said in a previous blog, only had 9 people show. I felt awful from that. I was determined that this time I would do everything in my power to get a better turn out. We threw out a few ideas of what to do and finally settled on a service auction. The basic idea of this is that all the ladies volunteer to do various services sometimes it is something handmade, baked, crafty, help with something, babysitting, etc. Then that night you fill out a survey and get points for a variety of things- saying your prayers, exercising, brushing your teeth, etc. And those points allow you to bid on the things other people have submitted.

So in prep for this we decided to keep the food simple. Soup with bread bowls and cupcakes and fruit for dessert. The day before the person who was making our bread bowls calls me. Our original goal was for 25-30 people (considering the 9 that showed up last time.) She and I both agreed that it would be horrible to not have enough bread bowls because let's face it that is the main part of the meal and what makes it nice. We knew a lot of people had talked about being there and submitted items already. So we decided to make 45. We set up tables for 36. As people started arriving I'm like wow, wow, wow there are a lot of people. We had to put another table out. In the end we had just over 40 people!!! I was beyond myself!! I mean my goal originally was 30 and I lowered it to 20 (2 times what we had before) just so I wouldn't be too disappointed! So the evening was awesome to me. It made me feel like all the hard work was totally worth it to have this.

This all being said. I thought I would post what I did. I put up a Quiet book that I forgot to get pictures of. And then I did these 2 paintings. My mom really wanted the Hope one, but let someone else have it when I promised to do one for her later. So I will get it done mom- promise!

Sleeping beauty

I don't know what it is about sleeping babies. They are beyond adorable. Now that we are on the early church schedule, we have to wake Sariah up in the morning. Last Sunday she was too cute and so since I had to wake her up anyways, I took a few pictures.


Okay so my niece had her birthday party at Airzone. It was so fun. I think we probably broke every safety rule they have- weight limit, height limit, don't go down face first, one at a time.... you get the picture!
My sister Meg offered to take Sariah down the slide. We thought she would like it...
Nope!! She started crying part way down.
I tried a little while later and got the same reaction. So no more slides.
Here's my dad and brother playing air hockey. This is a family thing. My dad and two brothers used to go the arcade that was in the mall (back when Metro North was a happening place) and play. They would actually draw crowds of people to watch them. You do have to pay attention though because the puck flies off the table about 50 times per game and you never know who will get it!
Here's the birthday girl! She's 2!
Now this is the life...My niece got to ride up on her dad's back and then enjoy the slide.
Trying to get some food in Sariah with all the craziness.
Look at daddy's girl:
I've decided I want a princess hat at my next birthday party. Doesn't this look cool?
Papa and Nana time...

Okay isn't this the cutest? I love the faces she makes!

Keep Frozen

Here is Sariah being cute in a box. She just is cute anywhere huh?

Lasik update

So here are a couple of pictures from the day of the surgery. This is James in the chair confirming the prescription/correction they are planning to do.
They offered to let him have these glasses instead and I had to tear him away and convince him Lasik would be better:
Okay just kidding those are these weird glasses that are similar to the big device they pull in front of you and ask you to read the letters. This is just a form in glasses that they can insert different prescriptions into. It was weird and made us want Lasik all the more.

Here's me sitting in the chair by James waiting to go. My last picture wearing glasses. *sigh*

The surgery was so simple. Neither of us watch the other one- although now I think I should have. I went first. There was just one part that was painful. But it was over so quick it almost doesn't count to me. I will say the weird part was the burning smell from the laser. It made me really wonder. But then they sat me up and.......I could actually see!!! It was hazy sort of like if you had gunk in your eyes or something. But I could see the doctor without being close enough to kiss him! It was CRAZY!! Then James was up. He said he had the pain part to, but for the most part sat there trying to figure out what they were doing. And worrying about focusing on the blinkie dot!

So after the surgery, my sister Meg kept Sariah while we went home and slept. Man I can see why people like Valium so much. It was all good after that!
Then for the next 5 nights we got the pleasure of sporting this fashion statement:

Can you say bug eyes??

These are the eye guards we wore to sleep in so that we wouldn't accidentally rub our eyes. I'm glad to be done with them. So we are a week out and I can hardly tell that I had it done. My eyes are pretty much normal. Still a little dry in the morning and at night but other than that AMAZING!! I keep thinking to myself I need to go take my contacts out. Oh wait I don't have them!! It is soooooo cool!! So yes everything went well! And WE CAN SEE!!!!
I won't get too deep but this experience has really helped me reflect on the scriptures that reference having eyes to see. I think people who have always had good vision don't know what it truly means to not be able to see. This has really been an amazing learning experience for me. I hope that in life I will be able to see more clearly in more ways than just my vision.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Okay many of you know but some don't. I am getting Lasik surgery today! And yes we are nuts and James is getting it today too!

It all started back in December- see earlier post. The lady who did our consult worked so hard to get us these AWESOME coupons. So we just couldn't turn it down.

Then I was supposed to get it done today and James was going to wait a week. When we first talked about the appointments, he was like maybe I could do mine the same day. And I totally shot him down and said that was nuts and he needed to wait. Well his work is having an audit next week and said they really need him there. So I agreed to switch with him. But then I was kinda bummed about waiting since I had gotten everything set up to do it this week. So now that it was me, I said sure we could get it done the same day. :) I'm a stinker I know!

So my WONDERFUL sis is going to watch Sariah for this afternoon and evening and our FANTASTIC friend Rob is going to drive us around in our drugged blind state!

They have told us we will be able to see tonight just with some haziness and then should be able to see perfect tomorrow! AMAZING!!

I'm so pumped!!! Wish us luck! I can't wait for 2pm which is our appointment!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Quiet Books at my house this Wed

Okay fellow bloggers. Get crafty and come over to my house on Wednesday. I am going to host making Quiet Books. So the details are this Wed (21st) from 1-4 at my house. Let me know if you need my address. I have two patterns that we can make. One is a Seasons Quiet book here are some pics.

Materials needed for the Seasons:
5 pieces of the felt rectangles (each one is a page and 1 is for the cover) I would suggest blues or greens for 4 pages and then what ever color for the cover you would like.
1 piece of white felt
1 piece of pink felt
1 piece of red felt
1 piece of yellow felt
1 piece of orange felt
1 piece of brown felt
1 piece of tan felt
1 piece of green felt

Fasteners: This can be buttons, snaps, or Velcro. I did a mixture of the three to add variety. You will need 17 total of whatever variety. If you want exactly what I have is was 9 buttons, 2 snaps, 6 velcro pieces. For the Velcro- I would suggest the soft Velcro that is easier to sew- not the sticky kind. I don’t think it stays well enough and the stickiness then makes it hard to sew.
The other is an LDS/Church Quiet book. The link for it is
She has pictures there and what the materials are.
So come on over if you can!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sariah's 1rst birthday

So I know this is super long due to all the pictures, but I couldn't help myself. The following is from Sariah's first birthday party. We decided to have it on her actual birthday- Jan 7th. We invited mostly family and a few friends.

Here is the party girl in her party hat:

Sariah was so happy her best buddy Ryan could make it! Even though neither of them would look at the camera!

Present time!!
Kisses to our new soft puppy!

Sariah loves to read. So she was really excited by all her new books!

Of course a girl has to have some new clothes!!
Time to get in the diaper so she could eat some cake.

Singing.....Happy birthday to you!
You have to realize though that Sariah is a clean baby. She doesn't really like to get dirty so when she got her cake she wasn't really sure what she was supposed to do with it.
After a little while she figured out the icing was pretty tasty.

I loved my little niece Rhianna. She was trying to be sneaky and hide behind the table to have another cupcake.

Some Ransoms- George, Veeder and our niece Melanie.Another cousin- Brick. Isn't he such a cutie!

I just cracked up at this face! Sariah has gotten pretty sassy lately and lets you know if she doesn't like something. She did like the bear so I'm not sure why she was making this face.

She was so happy when she actually got to play with her new stuff. She really liked this little purse that sings when you open it.
So here's to my baby. I can't believe she is already 1!!! It really seems like just yesterday she was born. I love her so much and I thank God every day that I am blessed to be her mother, that she is a healthy, happy baby, and that she will always be my little girl!