Friday, January 30, 2009

Lasik update

So here are a couple of pictures from the day of the surgery. This is James in the chair confirming the prescription/correction they are planning to do.
They offered to let him have these glasses instead and I had to tear him away and convince him Lasik would be better:
Okay just kidding those are these weird glasses that are similar to the big device they pull in front of you and ask you to read the letters. This is just a form in glasses that they can insert different prescriptions into. It was weird and made us want Lasik all the more.

Here's me sitting in the chair by James waiting to go. My last picture wearing glasses. *sigh*

The surgery was so simple. Neither of us watch the other one- although now I think I should have. I went first. There was just one part that was painful. But it was over so quick it almost doesn't count to me. I will say the weird part was the burning smell from the laser. It made me really wonder. But then they sat me up and.......I could actually see!!! It was hazy sort of like if you had gunk in your eyes or something. But I could see the doctor without being close enough to kiss him! It was CRAZY!! Then James was up. He said he had the pain part to, but for the most part sat there trying to figure out what they were doing. And worrying about focusing on the blinkie dot!

So after the surgery, my sister Meg kept Sariah while we went home and slept. Man I can see why people like Valium so much. It was all good after that!
Then for the next 5 nights we got the pleasure of sporting this fashion statement:

Can you say bug eyes??

These are the eye guards we wore to sleep in so that we wouldn't accidentally rub our eyes. I'm glad to be done with them. So we are a week out and I can hardly tell that I had it done. My eyes are pretty much normal. Still a little dry in the morning and at night but other than that AMAZING!! I keep thinking to myself I need to go take my contacts out. Oh wait I don't have them!! It is soooooo cool!! So yes everything went well! And WE CAN SEE!!!!
I won't get too deep but this experience has really helped me reflect on the scriptures that reference having eyes to see. I think people who have always had good vision don't know what it truly means to not be able to see. This has really been an amazing learning experience for me. I hope that in life I will be able to see more clearly in more ways than just my vision.


Team Dyer said...

sweet bug eye protector things. very stylish indeed.

Tina said...

So, did you get to keep the rockin' bug goggles? Seriously, I'm so glad that it all went well for you two. You had a laser in your eyes! Maybe I'll be brave enough to finally try contacts...

Alaska Law said...

I am so jealous! I would love to have great vision. Glad to hear it all went well!