Thursday, May 29, 2008

Job offer accepted

Ok so today was AWESOME!! James had his second interview yesterday and today received and accepted a job offer. He will be switching companies in 2 weeks. He will be working for BATS. Some of you know that this is where Melissa works and our really good friend Jessi. So we are very excited. This means definitely staying here. It also means he will be working less hours (a lot less overtime) and that makes me BEYOND happy!! I'm excited as it is a great company and I think it will be a great career move for him. It is sad because we loved the people that he worked with at Van Luin, so I will miss them. But the wait is finally over and we finally have an answer/decision. I feel so good! I was never blessed with patience, so I'm happy to know!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

Okay a few thoughts from yesterday. On Sunday, my dad spoke in church. I love when he talks. I'm sure some people find my dad too opinionated and sometimes offensive, but he is my dad. I love to hear him speak especially in church. He has an amazing knowledge and testimony. Sunday was a rare treat. My dad is a Vietnam vet. He usually doesn't talk that much about his experience there- at least not in detail. But Sunday he shared his passion for our country and those who have served it. He spoke about the origin of Memorial day- which to be honest I didn't really know about until he told me. He spoke about it being a day of remembrance and reconciliation after the Civil War. It was a unique opportunity to see the more emotional side of my father as he shared his love for this country. My two brothers currently serve as Us Marines. I'm grateful and honored to have such men as family. I'm grateful to live in a free and blessed country. I know that I am niave about the world I live in and the oppression that exists in other countries. I hope that I don't take for granted the blessing of being born in the US. My father to me is an amazing hero. He has served his country and God. He has blessed me with a testimony of the true church and challenged me to be my best self. I could not ask for anything more than he has so abundantly given.

Friday, May 23, 2008

You're all invited

So we didn't really make serious plans for Memorial Day weekend, but I'm making them now. I figure that if there is anyone out there that also doesn't have plans they can join us. I'm planning to BBQ on Monday. Nothing too fancy- hamburgers and brats. Starting at about 4:30 and eating around 5 or 6. We will just hang out and if the weather cooperates play outside. So bring any games- board games, frisbees, softball glove, crochet set (we have one, but if someone has another we could play with more people.) If you can come please reply and let me know and please just bring a side or dessert to share.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tribute to David Cook

In light of the recent victory, Sariah wanted to show her support of David Cook. And what better way than through her hair!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Okay, after my last little pity party post. Thanks thanks thanks! Your comments really helped. I know it was silly to let myself be so critical and the things that people said were perfect and exactly what I needed to hear. I'm feeling much better and up beat. Also my husband left me a little thank you card. I guess he had left it on my desk Sunday, but since my desk is super messy I didn't see it until today. The great thing is that he doesn't read my blog, so he doesn't really know that I was having a pity party. He is a romantic and often will do things like this. Usually, it is about the time that I begin to wonder if he even notices anything I do. But it helped me to know that he does see even if I don't think he does. I think it is easy to be critical. And somehow I convince myself that I'm being prideful if I'm not critical. That doing it helps to make me humble. I think this is a pretty good plot that Satan uses. It seems right, but really it just lets us think that we aren't worth as much. And I know that God sees all our worth. I think about how I look at Sariah and think she's just perfect (because let's face it- she is! :)) But how sad it would make me if she were as critical of herself as I am of myself. I'm sure that it is the same with Heavenly Father. He sees our beauty and perfection as his children and he desires for us to feel our worth. So I'm starting again to keep reminding myself to be more proud. To know my own worth. And if there are things I want to improve on to make the time to do so. That I can take more time for me and that isn't selfish. I'm a pretty cool person! :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spreading myself too thin?

Okay, so due to Sariah needing a diaper change and then 5 minutes after I walked back into Relief Society she decided she was starving.. I only caught about 10 minutes of the lesson. But what I did catch made me think. For a while, I've been trying to find my niche. I feel like I'm just "okay" at most things. I've tried several hobbies, and enjoy many of them, but it always feels like someone else is better than me. Then I feel that I'm not really that good at it. I know that I'm often too critical of myself. But I want some thing that I'm the best at. Is that selfish? I'm not really sure. I'm wondering if maybe I'm doing too many hobbies. Maybe I should cut back and try to hone my skills. Or maybe I need to stop comparing myself. That is one of my biggest weaknesses. I compare and when I compare I usually feel inadequate. Secretly, I want to be good at something and always look nice with my makeup done and be the one that people look forward to seeing at events and the popular one. Also secretly, I always find myself beating myself up because I feel I fall short of this. I'm trying to accept myself more and just realize that I'm just not one of the girls that always has her hair and make up done. But neither am I a girl who never wears makeup and doesn't care about my hair. I'm just a middle of the road person. I should accept this more and just let it be. Sorry that this is a rambling, depressing post... just needed to think outloud a bit.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Not moving

Well it is official now. We have decided not to move. James has told the company. He has had an interview here that we are waiting to hear back about, but he plans to look here and switch companies. A lot of thought and discussion has gone into the decision. We both feel that it is the best decision for our family to stay here. It is nice to have a decision made. Now we just wait to find another job. Thankfully, James is still working so we have time. I'm very happy to stay here. I always told James I would support the decision he made. Part of me does think that it would have been exciting to go, but it has just made me realize that we should travel more. Often we hold back because of expense or time, but I want to see more of the amazing world we live in. But to stay here means still being near friends and family and Sariah will grow up around the people we love. I'm excited to stay and now have a new perspective on not waiting for things, but just going and doing!

In response to Kimball's hawk!

So Kimball Craner has inspired Sariah to try the faux-hawk. Here are the results:

Here is what Sariah's hair looks like after her bath's before I comb it. It is even cuter in person- trust me!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Chocolate Brownies

Okay, chocolate brownies are my weakness. Well anything chocolate usually is. But Sunday, I experienced my first chocolate brownie revelation. I came home from church and told James that I felt like we should make brownies and take them to someone. I had about 3 different families in mind, but decided to ask James who he thought we should take them to. He said the Craners (which was one of the families I had thought of.) So I made them up and once Sariah woke up from her nap, I made James call and ask if we could bring them by. I always feel awkward inviting myself over to people's houses and usually make James do it for me. He is very good at inviting himself over. They told us they would accept our offer. So we went over and ate brownies and chatted for a while. Turns out that Catherine had a chocolate craving after dinner, but didn't have any in the house. So the sweet spirit was working some magic! It was fun to just hang out and talk. I wish I could casually invite myself over more often to people's houses. I always have so much fun hanging out with the people we know. But for some reason I always feel like I need "a reason" to go over or to call. I don't know why I feel like I need an excuse. I wouldn't care if people called me or stopped by just to say hi, but I feel weird when I think of doing it myself. I don't want to impose and I usually assume that people are far busier than me and probably have things going on. I guess I should just be more outgoing. Who knows, maybe I will keep having promptings to take brownies to people!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thumbs are Yummy!!

Sariah has figured out how to just get her thumb now instead of half her hand. Although she also likes to do the thumb and first finger at the same time. Seems terribly awkward to me, but she likes it.

So much to write

Well it has been a while since I have written so I probably have 5 0r 6 posts that have accumulated in my mind. Here is a short version of each:

Mowing the lawn:
Dude, I'm so out of shape!! Our lawn had gotten out of control. I kept thinking James would mow it but he has been so busy and then was sick for a week. So Thursday, it fell to me to do something. I mowed for 2 hours and got it about half way done, before the storm started to move in. We unfortunately have a bagger mower. It was a gift and we gladly accepted it, but it is a mixed blessing with a bagger. One advantage is that you can let the grass get longer and not have to worry about it accumulating on the lawn after you mow. But you have to empty the bag. And when the grass is long -as it was in this case- you have to empty it A LOT! Needless to say that every muscle in my back- and a few I didn't even know I had- hurt and ached for a few days. Wake up reality check that I need to start working out more.

Weird meeting with the Bishop
So Sunday, James goes to the bathroom during sacrament and comes back and says we have a meeting with the Bishop after church. (Who says men don't talk in the bathroom? hehe) Normally, when I hear "meeting with the Bishop" I assume that they are going to extend a calling. So I walk in all prepared that James and or I will be asked to serve. So there is small talk, he asks about us, and more small talk. I wasn't prepared for small talk so my answers were "ummm, hmmm, my favorite calling?? Is this is a prob questions? I don't know! And then....."Thanks for meeting with me." That was it. Just wanted to get to know us better. Shocker! Not that this means there isn't time for them to give us callings, but nothing yet. The oddest meeting I've ever had.

These are the devil. So the nurses are like here hold your baby's hands while we jab three needles into her legs. Okay is there a better torture method! It just kills me. So Sariah had her second round yesterday as tomorrow she will be 4 months old! She did really well.. considering. She was tired and after the doctor had looked at her she fell asleep. Then about 2 minutes later the nurses come in and we have to wake her up and give her shots- She was pretty peeved. Not that I blame her- I would be too. I think next appointment James is going to have to take her and hold her arms. It just brakes my heart.

Well that is enough rambling for now!