Saturday, October 27, 2012


Ben has become much more talkative lately. Normally he was happy to let sissy or someone else talk for him. But now he's become a little chatter box.

Some funny things he says.

I too busy. (when asked to do something)
Or... In a minute.

Today I got new pink slippers. Ben looked at them and said "you have cute shoes mom"

This morning he told me, "mommy your hair is messy. You should go brush it."

And we saw a mummy at the store. One of those blow up lawn pieces. In trying to tell him the difference between mummy and mommy I sounded it out really slow. So now he says "we saw a mmmmmmmommy at the store"

He is so stinking cute sometimes.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012


Today I took the kids to the library and the grocery store while James worked on his paper for school.

At the library, Ben bee-lined for the kids' computer. It is seriously his favorite thing. And how cute is he with those big headphones. Looks just like daddy.

Naptime snuggles

Ben often wakes up from his naps but isn't really awake yet. So I love when he climbs up with me and goes back to sleep.

I know there will come a day where snuggling with mom won't happen anymore. So thankful today isn't that day.