Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Pause Button

Everything seems to be on pause right now for me. Just waiting for things to begin. Part of me thinks I should enjoy this time, because madness is probably just around the corner and part of me wants the madness to come so that I can just get it over with. James always reminds me to enjoy "the now." Don't live in the "when such and such happens then..." It is a constant struggle for me to do this. My nature is more to plan and look forward, but I'm trying.

This Sunday, we will begin church with our new ward. James will be gone at a ward conference, so I will be going to the new ward alone for the first time. Thankfully, I know some of the ward and won't have to feel completely alone. I'm anxious to go. To see and meet the new people. To find my place in the ward.

Someday soon we hope to have an answer on James' job situation. Although, they are leaning towards certain things, there is no decision yet. No location has been officially named and no salary offer has been made. We have mainly just stopped talking about it. There isn't anything more we can do until the company decides how things will go forward. So we go on living as normal. I have a strong urge now to go forward with painting the living room. It was my plan to do it as soon as it was warm so now is the time. I just need to decide on a color. But maybe I will start that this week- it would give me something to take my mind off all the other things that are on pause!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

IT's all about Sariah

Ok seriously, I know my blog is just a bunch of pictures of Sariah, but really that is all I do right now that is interesting. I haven't done much other photography, but I'm getting motivated again now that the weather is turning warmer. So here are a few more of her. I'm trying to set up my extra room to do more photos, so if anyone wants to play guinea pig and be patient- I would love more practice.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hats with ears

There are just some fashions that can only be pulled of in small sizes. For example, hoodies with ears. Babies look absolutely adorable in them.. If I were to wear this however people would think I was weird. I wish I could wear them, but no. But Sariah can pull it off, so I will live vicariously through her!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Sunday Pictures

So James and I figured out that we don't really have many pictures with all 3 of us. So we decided to do a little photo time after church. (Well we wanted to do it before hand but Sariah fell asleep on our bed.) The family picture is above, and here are some of the best ofs:

Sariah was pretty patient with us, but not once she got hungry then she let us know that she didn't want to do any more pictures.

With a bottle, she was much happier! (So easy to please)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


What causes the thought of "Someday I might need this." As hard as I have tried to keep my life uncluttered, it just happens. I recently saw Oprah's show on hording and within 2 days had bagged up 4 bags of close and 1 bag of shoes to take to Goodwill. It is amazing what I can part with when I'm in the right mood. I just wish I wouldn't hold on to things in the first place. With the pending move, I'm beginning to look around the house and think, what can I get rid of, where can I cut back.

Purging cleanses the soul. It helps me realize that material things don't make me who I am. That I don't need to hold on to earthly things and that they really are just things.

Nothing definate but...

Well, it is looking like we will be moving soon. The company is still in the process of finding a location. James said that they seem to be impressed with Stamford, CT. It is on the coast of Connecticut and just up from NY. I have looked online and it looks beautiful. Everything is seeming to work out that we can do right now. We plan to rent our house to my sister, my boss has said he would be open to me staying with the company and remoting from NY, and James feels very positive about the company offering a good compensation for the move. So currently, we plan to move unless something happens that tells us otherwise.

My patience is still being tested by the lack of detail and playing the waiting game. I think soon they will find a location and then everything will probably fall into place more quickly than I can handle, but waiting on the location is holding back everything else.