Friday, January 30, 2009


Okay so my niece had her birthday party at Airzone. It was so fun. I think we probably broke every safety rule they have- weight limit, height limit, don't go down face first, one at a time.... you get the picture!
My sister Meg offered to take Sariah down the slide. We thought she would like it...
Nope!! She started crying part way down.
I tried a little while later and got the same reaction. So no more slides.
Here's my dad and brother playing air hockey. This is a family thing. My dad and two brothers used to go the arcade that was in the mall (back when Metro North was a happening place) and play. They would actually draw crowds of people to watch them. You do have to pay attention though because the puck flies off the table about 50 times per game and you never know who will get it!
Here's the birthday girl! She's 2!
Now this is the life...My niece got to ride up on her dad's back and then enjoy the slide.
Trying to get some food in Sariah with all the craziness.
Look at daddy's girl:
I've decided I want a princess hat at my next birthday party. Doesn't this look cool?
Papa and Nana time...

Okay isn't this the cutest? I love the faces she makes!

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