Friday, February 17, 2012

Taking a chance

Well it may be a long sleepless night tonight. I don't know. I have a little bad mommy confession. Eli is almost 12 weeks and is still sleeping in his bouncy seat instead of flat on his back in his crib. It started when he was born. He just slept so much better in it. And with all his spit up problems, I just kept letting him sleep in it. It is one of those wide papason style ones. I have it clicked back so he is mostly on his back. And well I put it in his crib so technically he sleeps in his crib. Hehe.

But tonight James is doing a sleep study and I'm on my own. But it is a 3 day weekend because he has Monday off. So crazy me has decided to try to switch Eli to sleeping in his crib. He has established pretty good sleep patterns and soon he will be too big for his seat.

I may be exhausted in the morning. I may cave part way through the night and switch back but I'm going to try.

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Tina said...

We'll have to talk, girl. My James did a sleep study earlier this week! Gaming, sleep studies, do our men do everything together?! LOL 'Hope your night goes well. To be honest, I got the most sleep this week when James was gone at his sleep study. For once, his poor sleep didn't wake me up all night. 'Sleep well!!!