Sunday, February 26, 2012


People love to ask me how life with 3 kids is. And usually I reply- It's about as hard as I thought it would be.

And well I expected it to be crazy hard.

So yes, my brain is always only half working due to lack of sleep. My laundry isn't caught up. My kitchen is embarrassingly messy most days. Toys are everywhere. My to do list is super long- probably longer but due to fog brain I don't actually remember to put things on it. :). I feel like I'm always running. I haven't been able to lose much of my baby weight or tummy yet. And I usually only wear makeup on Sundays.

But we have some friends going through some pretty intense trials right know. And tonight as I snuggled my sweet baby, I was overcome with feeling so blessed. Yes my life is crazy but it is wonderful. I'll take the crazy and messy house. I have strong healthy kids. I have an amazing husband who provides so well for our needs. I have good friends who are there for me. I have a family who loves and supports me. And even though I'm exhausted about 90% of the time...I am blessed to have the life I have. I hope that I can remember that with my foggy brain!

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Jessi :) said...

Go Sam! What an amazing attitude. Such a great way to view things, it's crazy how this escapes us sometimes. Yes, so blessed!