Tuesday, February 21, 2012


So I realized last night that my driver’s license expired in November- of last year!  Yikes!  I am used to getting a little card in the mail to remind me.  However, my address was still my old address (my parents’ house when we lived with them) so maybe that messed up the delivery of my reminder card.  Anyways.  I managed to barely make it to the DMV and get it renewed while Sariah had preschool.  It was her short day so I only had an hour and per usual the DMV was crazy busy and had like 6 people working on motor vehicles and only 1  working driver’s licenses.  So I was number 57 and they were on number 46.  Yeah, it took the whole time and I was 2 minutes late to get Sariah, but that is definitely close enough.  And yay now I can legally drive again.  Although today was the only day that I actually knew I was driving illegally.  Way to go mommy brain! 

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