Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Super mom

A friend referred to me as super mom today. I've used this term for several of my friends before but never for myself unless I was saying that I was NOT a super mom/super woman. I typically don't feel I have it all together. I get get close but not quite there. I have the kitchen clean but the bathroom is a mess. I got the checkbook balanced but there are still deposits to be made or bills to pay. My to do list never seems to end. I usually just say I'm crazy when I think about the things I have going on. Not that I'm super. But why not? Why don't I think I'm super and doing an awesome job. That is truly what struck me today when she made that comment. I really should give myself more credit. I'm more than willing to give it to others.

So yes...

I just had a baby two months ago.
I have three kids. Who are 4, 2 and 2 months.
I manage to get out of the house most days.
I drag Ben kicking and screaming all the way home rather than not take him.- he throws a huge fit when we leave places. Many times I have wanted to simply not take him but I want him to have fun and go to the park. Even if that means I have the embarrassment and physical workout of picking him up while carrying Eli in his carseat all the way to the car.
I am back taking classes towards my MBA. Currently struggling and putting A LOT of time into a Managerial Finance class.
My husband and I are doing a no spend month so I don't get to eat out or drive through at all this month and it is seriously hard!
I'm trying to keep up with my house and usually do a good job on at least one room a day. (even if all the others are trashed :)).
I have pretty much kept up my picture a day, blog a day, and 5 minutes scripture study a day, but not my craft time each week as part of my new years resolutions.

I'm not perfect. But I am trying to give myself some credit.

So yep I'm SUPERWOMAN. Not the crazy lady.

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