Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sariah is 4

Today is my sweet Sariah's 4th birthday!! I can't believe it. She seems so grown up. I asked her if she felt older tonight and she said yes. So cute. I started an "interview" with her that I plan to do every year. The video is too long to send from the phone so sadly I'll have to add it when I have time to do it from the computer. I will also add pictures tomorrow. I took them on the nice camera.
When we asked her what her favorite part of the day was she said opening presents. We made her wait until the end of the day but all day she asked when she was going to get her presents.
This year she got a new game for the DS(that dad got her for Christmas). She also got a Prince Charming doll and a Flynn Rider doll. She got some new PJs and princess bracelets. And a new book- If the Savior Stood Beside Me.
Ben was most upset that none of the presents were for him. He just cried the whole time Sariah opened her gifts. He then fell in love with the Flynn Rider doll. And ran around making him talk and fight. It was super cute.
Sariah got to do tons of fun things today. The was a PJ and Pancake breakfast at church to welcome everyone to Primary. Sariah is in the Sunbeam class now. Then she got to have special time with daddy. They went and got a new Tinkerbell game for her DS. She also got a new yellow cloth flower- James said was singing the Rapuntzel song to it. And other goodies and snacks. Then she and dad snuggled and watched a movie. Then we did some coloring with this special paper and pens. Played with play dough. Then got McDs for dinner and went to Fun Run. It is a bouncy house type play place. Then came home and did presents.
So a nice full day! We didn't have time to make a cake so she said it was okay if we did that later. :)

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