Thursday, January 12, 2012

Out of the house

Tonight was AWESOME! I got to get out on my own. James was home with all 3 kids. My friend Angela does a Girl's Christmas Party every year. It is always so much fun, great food, tons of chatting. This year it was postponed until tonight. Which was actually great for me because it gave me more time to recover from having Eli.

And it was just what I needed. Before leaving, I really debated just staying home. I was seriously just that tired. But I put some makeup on and dragged myself out. And I was super glad I did. First it was so nice to leave all the kids home. Bless my wonderful husband!! I needed a mental/emotional break. And it re-energized me. It was just the perfect pick me up.

Thanks to my AWESOME HUSBAND!!

Thanks to Angela- for always throwing such fab get togethers. You really are the queen hostess!

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