Friday, January 6, 2012

Better mom report

I don't know that I will blog every week what I did with the kids but today I feel like it. One resolution was to try to be a better mom. With that my goal was to do something fun just for/with the kids. I have set aside Friday for this as it is the one day Sariah won't have preschool. But it doesn't have to only be Friday. This week I have quite outdone myself! I did several things.

Wednesday, we cooked together. The kids helped me make a yummy blueberry breakfast cake. They didn't like it as much as I did-too many blueberries said Sariah. But to me it was delish. And they did have fun making it. They are also finally getting used to the mixer. It used to scare them and they would hop down everytime I turned it on. One thing I would love in our future house is an island to cook at with the kids. It is super tight to squeeze the three of us up to the counter to cook.

Thursday, it was crazy warm here in KC. Like 60s in January. Unheard of! So we went to the park. It was packed with kids. They had fun playing on all the stuff. We also walked down to the lake at the park to see all the geese. The kids thought they were ducks and loved them. It was also fun when someone brought their dog over and all of the geese flew off together very dramatically.

Friday, we went to the gym. So this wasn't exactly me doing something with them but it was fun for them. We haven't been for a long time. Ben didn't want to go play so I let him stay in the stroller and walk the track. He got bored and asked to go play. Then threw a huge tantrum when I took him in. But calmed down and was having a ton of fun when I came to get him. Sariah loved that they had the game Twister going in her room. She is super hopeful they will have it out next time she comes. And Eli did awesome. Just slept in the stroller the whole time.

So fun mommyness accomplished this week! Go me!

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