Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Trying to prepare

We are going to CT this weekend for my sister in law's wedding. I'm excited for the trip. She lived with us for a while before she moved. And she moved with James' old company-taking his old position. So I'm excited to see her again, see where she lives now-where we would have lived if he had stayed with the company, be part of her wedding joy.

But right now is the preparing time. Probably one of my least favorite things about travel. All the worry and stress of getting things lined up, figuring out what to pack, and trying really hard not to forget anything.

Last night, I laid in bed trying to negotiate my wardrobe for the trip in my head.


I think longer trips are almost easier, because you know you will be there a while and you can just over pack. Short trips you want to pack light and concise- which is harder for me.

Not to mention packing for a baby. There are just sooooo many things to think about. And yesterday Sariah started being sick. So a trip to the doctor today just to be sure it wasn't an ear infection- since we are flying. But no all clear and good to fly as long as she doesn't get worse between now and then and develop one. UGh!

So we leave Friday morning- if I make it that far! hehehe


AngelaMuir said...

So a little packing advice, i have become somewhat of a pro at it :) Layout outfits, then try them on. Oh and before hand look at the weather.. but seriously, it takes a bit of time but it really helps to TRY IT ON! i would pack two options for the wedding. Then you only have to pack the outfits, not extra options to mix and match- because its only three days and when you plan it perfectly you will have not stress when your there. i promise it works :) Take it for someone who has been gone more than she's been home this month! Also be sure to take pictures of the wedding, you know i love a wedding!

Shauna said...

Have fun, what you forget gives you a reason to shop.

Alanna said...

Forget about packing lightly. That'll just add more stress to your trip. You know with a kid you can never pack enough. Make a list of everything you could possibly need and mark it off as you pack it and add an extra outift or shoes for good measure. :)

Alaska Law said...

Be sure you have extra Tylenol. I gave it to the kids while we were waiting to board.

Anonymous said...

The weather will be warm, so you don't have to bring a parka. ;)

I'm soo excited to have you guys out! Can't wait to see everyone and show them around CT. Hopefully we get to go down to NY with you guys Friday night, but either way it will be fun. See you soon!