Friday, April 24, 2009

Still Watching

Okay don't worry, I'm not taking away Sesame Street. We definately still watch just as much as we used to. I appreciate all the information about it being a cultural thing. And I will say that I finally saw an episode where they mention that she is from India (she is making a video for her parents that still live there.)

So it wasn't like I would boycot them or anything. I think it is a great show with really good values. And hello?? Sariah is in LOVE with ELMO!! So I think she would be really mad if she didn't get her favorite show. It was just a little weird for me. I like the character and all of that.

So don't worry, Sariah still gets to watch Sesame Street!


McAtee Family said...

She and Sophie will have to get together - Sophie is in love with Abby Cadabe (sp?) and Zoe. She also loves the Count - do you know how hard it was to find a stuffed count for her to sleep with :)

The Wehrmeister's said...

So when I first read your last post, I thought you were saying that the puppet had a nose ring. I'm glad to hear that I'm just crazy.

RitterB's said...

I picked up Sesame Street "OLD SCHOOL" at Sam's Club for Noah... HE LOVES IT!! It is still full of culture... Just less piercings. No Elmo though... that was WAY after my time!