Thursday, April 16, 2009

Almost time

So we leave before dawn tomorrow. I'm about 3/4 of the way packed. Just have to throw in those last minute things that you actually use each day. So I'm feeling pretty good about that. The biggest bummer was that Continental charges for luggage that is checked. So.... yes be impressed...we are using only carryon luggage. Everything is seeming to fit so far, so with luck we will end up doing okay with the rest of the things that need to be packed.

Now my big fear is my morning sickness. I have been not feeling well since about last weekend. So far it has been managable. As long as I take it easy in the morning and eat right when I start to feel hungry with really small meals all the time. But I'm worried about tomorrow. First, our flight leaves at 7:30 so that means getting up around 5. Which is never good for me- even when I'm not pregnant. Then with traveling I don't know about how eating will go but I'm packing lots of snacks. So wish me luck. I'm also packing some ziplock bags for just incase I need to throw up. :) Pleasant I know!

Lastly, we are having friends over tonight. I know I'm nuts! Last night I lied there thinking- what was I thinking when I agreed to this. Usually when I leave on a trip my house is a disaster. But I guess not this time. So today I have to finish packing, get my normal work hours in, and clean up my messy house for company.

Wish me luck!

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Alaska Law said...

Good Luck. There are worse things than throwing up on an me, I know!