Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Well we are back from our trip. We got back Sunday night close to 10pm.

I will post some pictures when I get time. I must admit I was the
photographer for the wedding so I didn't really take pictures of the
trip. But I will post a few of the wedding.

So our adventure began before the sun on Friday. We got up at 5am
which is an unheard of hour for me. The plan ride there went okay.
Sariah was really good and slept about half of it. We had a layover in
Cleveland. The next part of the flight into Hartford was okay until the landing. Then it was like please just let us make it to the ground, please just land the plan, please please let us live through this. Okay maybe that is dramatic but it was a SUPER rough landing and I was just ecstatic to get off the plan!

Once there we had an hour drive to our hotel and James' sister's apartment. I am not a traveler. Really I like to be other places, just not the actual getting there part. So by the end of the flights and the drive, I was really done with movement. Not to mention that of course the week prior is when I started my morning sickness. YUCK!

But the actually being there was SO FUN! We hung out with all the family. There were 10 of us that came from KC. We laughed and told stories all night.

Saturday was the actual wedding. It was gorgeous! It was at a park outside. And his sister, who is super beautiful already, looked AMAZING! They had their own vows which were great. It was funny because he husband had a small piece of paper- about a 3x5 card. Then Jessie pulls out a full 8x11 sheet. It was just cute!

Then off to a fun reception of great food, and dancing, and partying!

Then Sunday was our last day there. Our dear friend Evgeny and his partner Jorge invited us for lunch and to hang out for the day before our flight. Evgeny used to live here and worked with James before the company moved. So another really exciting part of the trip was to see him again. He is just the best friend. He's the best host, and so gracious, and very considerate. And Jorge was just the same way. So you feel like you are so special when you are around them. This was so fun to sit and tell stories and we played more Mad Gab (we had played Friday night as well).

So then we had our hour drive to the airport. And two flights home. Sariah had a rough time for these flights. She couldn't sleep despite being really tired. I was super sick. I made it all the way through the flight and then landing in KC and threw up. So I was glad to come home and just climb right into bed.

Sariah also has a cold which went into full effect during the trip. So she has a yucky cough and running nose.

And that long post was our trip! :)

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