Friday, November 20, 2009

First pictures of Benjamin

So here are the first pictures of Benjamin. All taken the day he was born:

Our doctor-

IMG_0116 bw

Sadly, I didn’t get one with my nurse this time, because they pulled her to a C-section right after I gave birth. But she was the real hero that day! Her name was Amelia and she ROCKED!!

The official weight:

IMG_0137 cropIMG_0173

He wasn’t too happy with being poked.

IMG_0118 crop IMG_0179

IMG_0205 bwIMG_0211 bw

One cool part of the day was that my dad was able to be there for the birth. Normally, my mom is the one there to help, but with all the things that happened around his birth she wasn’t able to take off work. So my dad came up and was there, which was really special for me. And also special because Benjamin gets his middle name (Hays) from my dad.




My mom came up as soon as school let out. She did have to wait a little bit for him to finish his bath, but then she got to hold her newest grandson.


I think at first Sariah thought he was a doll. When he moved, she gasped and then was very intrigued. She LOVES him. IMG_0301

She was also very happy to see mommy! IMG_0359

She didn’t like my IV much, but did enjoy counting my 3 “bracelets”.


Our friends Cat and Randy were able to stop by that night to check out the new baby.


Here is our first attempts at a goofy family photo. Background story. James doesn’t like that everyone always is so “serious” in pictures with new babies. So he requires a goofy photo with the baby. (Yes, my husband is weird but I do indulge this request.)

This first one was actually supposed to be serious- apparently Sariah thought we had already moved on to goofy! As she proudly displays her big sister sticker on her mouth. IMG_0479IMG_0486 IMG_0484

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KC Mom said...

These are just awesome photos! I feel like I was there that day! What a great blessing and memory to have your Dad there. Benjamin has a sweet name too. Thanks so much for sharing this on your blog!