Tuesday, November 17, 2009


My Grandma Lorine passed away last week, Nov 12. She was an amazing woman. The ultimate caregiver. I'm thankful that she is out of pain both physically and mentally now. Love you and miss you grandma!

Yesterday, we went up to Bethany for her funeral so here are the few shots from that.

My Great Uncle Neil's church was so lovely and made lunch for us before hand.

Here is my Grandpa Jim (Lorine's husband).

My niece, Jade:
My brother in law, Matt and Sariah:

Chad (brother in law) and Lisa (my sister):

Caitlin (niece):

Tim (nephew) and Matt (cousin):

Lisa (sister) and Nic (nephew):


Sam (me) and Grandpa Miller:
I need to ask my mom the names for these! I think this is
My mom's cousin Carolyn, Alexis (my mom), Great Uncle Neil, and Jenny (my aunt):

More relatives.

My Great Uncle Neil's pastor gave some lovely thoughts and memories about Grandma.

Tim and Kristin sang while Nic played the cello for Amazing Grace.

God be with you, Grandma, til we meet again! Love you!


KC Mom said...

Your sister Lisa looks just like her!
I've been thinking a lot about you and your family, especially this week. There is a lot going on girl. I'm so grateful for my testimony. My prayers are with you.

Shauna said...

My thoughts and prayers go out to you and family during this difficult time. May the memories and love comfort you.

Lisa said...

Great pics Sam. I'll have to get copies. I really like the first one of Sariah.

Sean Smith said...

I never got to know Grandma before she went to the quietness of her inner self, but that picture of her is wonderful.