Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wipes Case

I love baby showers! Well really I just love crafty baby things and showers give me a good excuse to make them! So I went to one last Saturday where the couple isn't finding out what they are having until the baby is born. This is a little of a challenge for me. I think it is cool that other people can do this- I cannot. So I did some bows- just in case of a girl!
Then I tried my hand at a covered wipes case. I've seen these all over etsy and have heard all it really takes is some hot glue. This is the one I did for the shower:
And then the other night I wanted to make one for myself. I went to the store for a new case to use. The prices make no sense! To get a Huggies case that comes with wipes in it is about $1. To get a plain case with no wipes is $2 or more. So I of course spent the lesser amount for the Huggies case. I found some covered ones that let you still use the flap part and I tried to do that first:
I really just didn't like how it was turning out. I couldn't get the ribbon to lay right and didn't like the divided look. What I think is so cute is that they look like a little clutch and you just can't get that with using the flap. So I decided that I didn't care if the flap was usable and just went ahead and covered it up to make the below case:
I think both turned out pretty cute! And I spent next to nothing to make it. I found the fabric in the remnant section and you need so little! I think I spent about $.60 for the fabric- and could have used that to make 2-3 if I wanted. So I have a few other fabrics to try out. They really aren't hard and turn out pretty cute- I think!


Lisa said...

Totally adorable. I want one. :)

Amber said...

Oh Fun! Now I have to make one! I guess I could make it how I want it to look...or I could wait to see what we are having...HHMMM

kristin elaine said...

That is so cool. I bet you could turn it into a really adorable clutch for an young girl too.

Shauna said...

Those are so stinking cute!!

Colton Anne said...

So cute...now you have put a bee in my bonnet!! :) No matter if you have a baby or not that wears diapers, as a mother, you always need wipes!! :)