Thursday, November 26, 2009


As I sat having lunch with Sariah today, I told her it was
Thanksgiving. That today is a day we talk about all of our blessings
and be thankful for them. (yes this was just mostly me talking but hey
that's okay). It really struck me how blessed my life is. It isn't
that it is worry free or trial free because that is there, but truly I
have so much.

Just a few things I thought of today:

My two beautfiful and healthy children.
My husband who is the love of my life.
My husband's job that provides for me to be at home with our kids-
this is more recent and I'm especially thankful for it.
My father who is beating the odds everyday.
My own health and having a really good delivery.
God's love for me.

These are just a few things on my mind today.

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