Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ready for home

Here he is all packed up and ready for home. We were released from the
hospital today and are all really glad to be at home as a family. I'm
especially thankful to have a comfortable couch and bed to relax on!
So far Ben is doing great. He is still figuring out the whole eating
thing. He would really just assume sleep. Not that I'm complaining too
much but you know those doctors want him to keep up his figure!


Kate said...

So cute! I'm really glad you guys are all doing well! Big hugs!

Amber said...

Welcome Home!

KC Mom said...


McAtee Family said...

Glad your home! I'll give you a call later this week so I can bring you dinner (and so I can come see your new chunk). Enjoy and make sure that James is doing all the hard work and keeping you spoiled!!