Thursday, October 1, 2009

Outside fun

After being sick for days, nothing feels better than a little time outside. So Sariah and I headed out to play and I actually thought to grab my camera. So here are a few cute pictures of my big girl.

Doesn't she look so big walking down the side walk all by herself?
We love bubbles. She now asks for them anytime we go near the outside. Even when we are just getting in the car to go somewhere.
I LOVE this next picture! Can I just say I have the most beautiful daughter! I know there is no humility here. But this is my blog and I can brag on my baby if I want!

The fun of dandelions! I tried to show her how to blow the seeds/petals. But she still gets it too close to her mouth sometimes and then they get in her mouth which she definitely didn't like. So she prefers to pull the seeds/petals and throw them on the ground instead.

So I want to encourage everyone to get out with their kids. And take your camera! I just set mine to the sports/speed setting and snapped as many as I could. You just never know what moments you will catch!


kristin elaine said...

Super cute!

Rob the Blog Ninja said...

Hmm i might let mine out of their cages this morning. I don't know about outside but I might bring them near a window or something.