Friday, October 30, 2009

My little Geisha

So Sariah got to do her trick or treating a day early. We went up to
James' work for their Halloween festivities and then to the ward chili
cookoff and trick or treat.

This year Sariah was a geisha. She was so cute. The costume did have
a wig which she wouldn't wear. So good for me I have a daughter with a
ton of long hair that actually went up in a ponytail so I could do the
cute decorated chopsticks. At the work party, she didn't quite
understand the whole bag thing. She refused to put her candy in her
bag and instead insisted on holding it all in her hands. But
thankfully at the ward party she understood to put it all in her bag
and was even saying trick or treat by the end of it. What a fun
Hallloween. (early)


Nana said...

Sariah was an adorable little geisha.

Tina said...

Super adorable!

Rob the Blog Ninja said...

haha i was going to say adorable as well!