Monday, October 5, 2009

But I paid for that

With the new baby coming, the space in the house is dissappearing. I
used to have a whole room for crafts and storage but Ben now gets
that. So I'm working hard to declutter but it is so hard to do. Even
small stuff. It is like I know at some point I paid for these things
so I have trouble giving them away. Books, supplies, etc. And
tightening the budget has brought back all my worst clutter demons. I
think I might need that at some point- even though I haven't needed it
in several months or years past. Why is it so easy to accumulate
stuff and so hard to get rid of it?

Goal tonight: box up at books for goodwill.

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kristin elaine said...

Before you send those books away, can I have a look? I have nothing to read.

Alaska Law said...

I remember the feeling. Our house felt so big when we moved in...just the 2 of us. About 7 years and 2 kids later, it had really shrunk! Good luck!

Lechelle said...

City of Riverside is having a yard sale on Friday and Saturday. You can use space on our front yard if you want to try and sell any of it.

McAtee Family said...

Aghhh...I hate that feeling. I am the worst at getting rid of my crafting things - I keep everything and I do mean everything. I have hoards and hoards of stuff - tiny little scraps, single beads, bits of ribbon and all sorts of things that I just may need one day. I don't let anyone in my basement for fear that they will see my rats nest - it is shamefull.

Lisa said...

It's genetics. We are all pack rats. I am working on that issue also.