Thursday, October 8, 2009

The dentist

So today Sariah had her second "dentist appointment.". I put that in
quotes because I'm not sure if it really counts if they don't actually
do anything.

Everyone knows Sariah is not a stranger friendly girl. Oh she will act
friendly sometimes saying hi, waving etc. But if you try to hold her,
take her, even touch her you will get a fierce stink eye and probably
some crocodile tears. And that is what happens at the dentist along
with a lot of no.

This time was no different than the last. She loved the waiting room
toys as seen in the pictures. Especially the giant bear. But as soon
as we got back to the room all cooperation stopped.

I sit there wondering why she has such crazy separation anxiety. I
really thought by now she would be over that. But even though I don't
think she really fully understands we are having a baby she knows
things are changing and the closer we get to the due date the more
clingy she becomes. So who knows. I think she will love the baby but
not want to share mom.

So the next dentist appointment, I'm making James take her. Mainly to
see if she does better with him. But selfishly, if she acts the same I
want him to know how stinky it is for me to take her and have her
cry. I know I'm bad.


Alaska Law said...

I'm surprised they would see her. Up here, the child has to be 4 before the dentist will look at them.

McAtee Family said...

I know all about the stranger anxiety - Haley had it and still has it. We have to give her a lecture before we go anywhere about how when an adult talks to you, you HAVE to answer them or you will be in big trouble when we get home. She will even revert to this with her grandparents if she hasn't seen them in awhile.

When she was Sariah's age, we would go to the RitterB's and she would refuse to talk to Marc no matter how hard he tried. It took her a good year or two before she would say hi and talk to him - but it is better now.

So - keep working at it and if all else fails, she will eventually be old enough to threaten into behaving :) Maybe the next will be the total opposite - we have to give Sophie the stranger danger talk all the time cause she is way, way to friendly.

Lisa said...

If it makes you feel any better, Caitlin is also having separation anxiety lately. I just ran to the store the other night and left her with Chad and Heather and the kids. I came home to hear her screaming "Moooommmmmm!" over and over until I made it upstairs. Actually, the only thing that quieted her was when I picked her up and showed her I got more popcorn at the store (her favorite snack currently).

Rob the Blog Ninja said...

Jessi always hated taking Ryan to daycare while I worked. He would cry and cry when she left and it just broke her heart. If I recall correctly she had me take him one morning and I suspect it was so I'd get the experience of how unpleasant and stressful it could be.