Monday, October 12, 2009

How I'm feeling

Everyone is asking how I'm feeling these days. My general response is "Pregnant" I'm at 35 weeks now so just a little longer and I'm in the clear zone to have the baby.

When do I think he will come? I'm really unsure at this point. Sariah was induced at a week late. I am REALLY hoping that won't be the case this time. I know that often the body knows what to do the second time around and that gives me more hope. I would really prefer not to be induced if possible. It really wasn't horrible last time, but well I just was having perma contractions from the pitocin and never went back down. So yep I was ready for the epidural pretty early.

He is just sitting much more uncomfortably. Maybe because even at this point he still thinks he has room to do his back flips and extended yoga poses. So yeah another week or so and I would be okay with having him. Don't want him to be too early, but soon enough I'm sure he will be here.

I would post a picture but I'm not looking all fancy tonight. So maybe tomorrow when I actually have makeup on! hehehe


Meagan said...

Maybe he will be a gymnast. Maybe he will become rich and famous. Then he will owe you. Right? You can tell him all the pain and discomfort he caused you while you were pregnant.

Don't worry it will be over soon...and then you will miss being pregnant.

KC Mom said...

Ha! I'm picturing him in the Warrior pose right now...
no really....hang in there girl. You are making a baby!! Seriously when I think about that miracle, I'm blown away. Little hands and feet...and you know he's movin'!
Can't wait to meet him in person. :)

Alaska Law said...

Good luck. I think the last few weeks are the worst!

Tina said...

I can't wait to meet him! Hang in there, girl. :)