Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where did my baby go?

It occurred to me yesterday that Sariah's hair is getting super long.
Like long enough for a ponytail almost. So this morning we did "big
girl pigtails." like not just pulling the sides up but the back too. I
looked at her and thought she doesn't even look like a baby anymore.
She's really grown up. It made me a little sad but then I realized how
incredibly cute the pigtails looked and I wad okay.

She would NOT hold still to take pictures so this is the best I got.


James said...

Man oh man is she a cutie. What great hair! Must be hereditary.

Ruth and Ammon said...

thankyou for subbing on sunday! you guys are awesome for being there in nursery. we really appreciated it!
sad how fast kids grow... i still call gary my baby, but i'm realizing he's not so much a baby anymore... sad...

Shauna said...

STinkin CUTE ! They grow up way to fast.

Rob the Blog Ninja said...