Monday, June 15, 2009

Come over Saturday

Hey ladies! I need a night to relax and be with friends. So this Saturday at 7pm come over! Bring something crafty or if you aren’t into crafts just come and you can help me with mine! Hehehe Come either way to hang out.

Those of you who are wanting to do lampworking with me, I will get out my torch for a little while and let you experiment. If you don’t know what that is- it is melting glass with a torch to make glass beads. Yes crafts with danger! Hehehe It is fun.

Just let me know if you think you can come.


Sam and Lacey said...

Craft night? You don't need to ask me twice! Let me clear it with my hubby to make sure he hasn't planned anything else.

Do you want me to bring anything other than myself and my creative genious? :-)

kristin elaine said...

Can I come? I can bring banana bread.

Sam Ransom said...

If people want to bring snacks that is cool. I will have some nice yummy things though so you definately don't need to bring anything.

Kris of course you can come! Why wouldn't you be invited?

kristin elaine said...

Thanks! I'll be there.