Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What a night

So we live close to the airport. And the blessing and curse of that is that we often give rides and have people leaving their cars at our house. It is nice to be able to help out and we get to see people every time they travel.

This last time was for friends of ours that was going to Germany for 3 weeks. So last night they call to tell us they are here and about 10 minutes early. Then the fun began. We decided to both drive up so that we could just drop their car off and come home together. I get Sariah all packed up. Left my half cooked dinner and am ready to go... Then we can't find the keys to their car. After searching for about 45 minutes, we finally find them. James thought they were on a ring, but really they were in a baggie in his car. So after that part was over I get Sariah loaded up again. Then the car won't start. (our friends' car that is.) It is completely dead. So I pull our car around to charge it. And it took a little over 10 minutes to finally get enough juice in it to get it started. So about an hour after they arrived we head off to the airport.

Upon arrival, James out of habit pulls up and turns off the car. UH OH!! And of course it won't restart. It is dead again. So I make him pull the other car around since we are at the curb. We try to jump it and let the cables sit there for a while and still nothing. We are debating other options and did call the airport police/service people to come. Well after almost deciding to go home and get some tools, the airport people show up. And he pulls out these HUGE jumper cables and hooks those up and it starts right away. Turns out our cables were just not very good and really small so they weren't transferring enough power.

So over all the whole process took just over 2 hours. When normally it takes about 20 minutes. Ugh! It was a crazy night. And of course I didn't get dinner till really late. So I go super sick when we got home that night. Yuck!


KC Mom said...

Uggg...what a hassle!

Shauna said...

when it rains it pours. What a mess

Rob the Blog Ninja said...

That's one of those nights where halfway through you're thinking. This is horrible but it will make a funny blog tomorrow hehe.