Monday, June 22, 2009

Feeling uninspired

So for a while I was holding off on doing any home decor projects, because I was trying not to spend money.  Now I’m back to wanting to do something, but am feeling totally uninspired as to a direction.  I keep trying to look at home blogs and online for something to help me, but so far not much.  My main rooms that I want to do are bathrooms.  The master, the guest, and the half bath.  I think the first one I want to focus on is the guest bathroom as it is used the most. IMG_4648 IMG_4647IMG_4645

It has a nice marble tile, but the colors of the tile are gray, maroon and purple sort of, and gold.  IMG_4641IMG_4643

I was thinking about pulling out the gold color and trying that (Trust me it is in there, just hard to see in these pictures).  Has anyone seen gold on the walls done really cool?   Or any other cool bathrooms?  Hmm maybe I just need to start it and the inspiration will come.  I guess I could just be nesting as I also have a desire to completely reorganize my master closet…. hehehe        


RitterB's said...

Dear Sariah,
I miss you.

Shauna said...

I need to come over...It is hard to see true color from a picture. Go to Design lighting they are going out of business and buy some new light fixtures to go over the mirror and get rid of the miss Piggy lights. They are so cheap right now it would be a non expensive way to make a big difference. Thanks for the compliment missed you too in RS.

Meagan said...

I think that you should look at the grand canyon pictures for inspiration. That is what that marble makes me think of for some reason.