Saturday, June 20, 2009

Productive night

Tonight my friend Lacey and my sister Kris were the faithful few who
made it over for a girls' night. It was fun. We sat and chatted and
crafted together. Ate banana bread and chatted some more. I was so
excited to have a relaxed night with GREAT company.

And I got quite a bit done in the clips for Sariah department. Here
are some quick pictures of what I did.


Anie said...

all your hair stuff turned out so cute!

KC Mom said...

Cute!! I ended up with a migraine yesterday otherwise I would have loved to come!

kristin elaine said...

Thanks for letting me come. I had a great time!!

Shauna said...

looks cute, wish I could have made it!!

Amber said...

I would have liked to come too, but my husband was not about to let me out of sight after being gone for a week!

Alanna said...

Sam- I am sooo sorry I didn't come. We ended up doing a quick change of plans and took Natasha out for her birthday (we were going to do it on another day and that fell through). I know I would have had fun with you guys.