Tuesday, June 16, 2009


The funnest thing right now is to see what Sariah choses to mimic of
us. There have been several cute and funny things. A few are:

After breakfast the other morning she took her bowl and put it up to
her mouth and then acted like she was drinking the milk from the
bottom. (don't know where she saw that bad habit). :)

And she is already such a little mom. She will share her sippy with
her baby doll. But the best example is how she treats her bear. She
took bear and put her in the booster chair, hooked the straps, pulled
the tray over, got a bib and put that on, then asked for some
crackers. Sadly I couldn't get to my camera fast enough.

Lastly was the picture below. She grabbed an empty milk carton from
next to the recycle and a small glass. And proceeded to pour the milk
in the glass and the drink from the glass. (no worries she never drank
straight from the carton)


kristin elaine said...

Oh she is the cutest! I love the pic of her pouring the milk.

KC Mom said...

Yeah...those are the cute mimicing days. When the kids started saying the bad words I occasionaly say then it wasn't cute anymore!!

McAtee Family said...

So cute - just wait till she starts copying all the not so cute things we do as adults. I used to say "Oh crap" a lot until Haley starting repeating me. Suddenly, it sounded a whole lot worse than I thought it did. Mike's mom constantly says "damn it" and my girls have each had the stage where they come home from her house and use the phrase a little to appropriately. The joys of being a mama!!

Rob the Blog Ninja said...

I was looking at their best buddies picture yesterday and teared up. It's amazing how fast these kids are growig up! She is really becoming a little princess.