Friday, February 6, 2009


So today was super nice outside and Sariah and I went for a long walk together and then when we got back decided to hang out for a little while on the grass. She is now convinced that my sunglasses actually belong to her. And is quite put out if you try to take them away. But really seeing how cute she is in them, why would I take them away?


kristin elaine said...

Sunglasses are great. Rosie loves them too. I pick up several pair at the dollar store when I am there. Then she has her own collection to play with and I don't have to worry about her breaking mine. It is also nice because she has a tendency to pull them apart and they snap. I have an easier time dealing with a $1 pair snapping than a more expensive pair. :)

James said...

This is great! Last time we took her outside, she was afraid of the grass. I mean, wth(eck), who is afraid of grass?!