Saturday, February 7, 2009


Okay Saturdays have sparatically been beautiful around KC lately. And this was no different. I mean 70 degree weather in February!! WOW!! So I had promised myself an outside run today. I love to run outside but I'm pretty wimpy about it. If it isn't just right weather, I just won't do it. Well today was perfect. Nice breeze, warm sun. Ahhh bliss!! So 5 miles later, I'm totally impressed with myself!

Then I get to wear a cute short summery skirt and open toed shoes to Brit's baptism (which was a special event!) It was so fun to wear something without hose and a long coat. Any ways the baptism was so special. I was his teacher when he was 4 so I can't believe it has been long enough that he is now 8! It was such a special day. Brit is a great and amazing boy. Super smart and out going! Congrads!

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