Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Getting paid to be green

Okay so probably a lot of you know this, but I didn't.

So I'm slowly getting greener- really at turtle speed. And a while back I bought a few of the clothe reusable grocery bags. Then in my last trip to Walmart, I decided to buy a bunch more- this time of the blue ones which are only $.50. I am bad at remembering to bring them with me and actually take them into the store. But I'm trying really hard to get better at it. They hold so much more stuff so you can get away with fewer bags and to me that makes it easier to load and unload. Also I try to use the plastic bags in trash cans and stuff, but I always have to many and they end up taking up an entire closet until months later I decide and remember to take them and recycle them.

So the point... I actually remembered to take the bags into Sunfresh with me tonight. And I used 4 bags. Just had to go get a few things. So at the end of checking out the cashier hits this button four times and I see on the screen "Sack refund -$.05" That made me curious because I knew I didn't have any coupons. I asked her what is was and she said oh we give you money off when you bring in your own bags. She said she knew it wasn't much (kinda apologizing.) And I was like that is great! Every bit counts. I just thought this was really cool. I mean really I know it was only $.20 off, but I would have used the bags anyways. And if you use the bag 10 times then it has really paid for itself! So I called my sister to tell her the good news. She said she had found that out about 2 weeks ago and that most of the grocery stores do this. (she knew Price Chopper did it too.)

SO there is just one more incentive to use these bags! And another money saving thing! So if you don't see this when you check out you might ask if they give a bag refund for using your own bags!



Rob the Blog Ninja said...

I actually never went anywhere without my bright orange Sainsbury's bags when we were in london. They were huge and were really nice. I'd strap 4 of those big guys to either side of Ryan's stroller and hoof it the mile or so round trip to the store a few times a week. I only have 1 or 2 of them left and I never then to bring them with me when I shop. I need to just stash them in the car. Great to know you actually get rewarded for using them.

KC Mom said...

Every time I go in the store, I think about doing that. It's one of those habits that's hard to start, but once you do, it makes a big difference.

Team Dyer said...

That is so cool! I have been seriously thinking about buying some anyway, but I think that is great that they would eventually pay for themselves!

kristin elaine said...

I have found the bags are great at home too. They work really well for toys. They dry really quick so they are perfect to take to the pool for suits and towels. Now if I could only figure out a way to get the rebate when I use them at home....LOL.

AngelaMuir said...

Oh yes. this is very true- the bad thing is when you make your new years resolution to only use the reusable bags and then you forget them a few times so you keep buying more. i think i have a few more grocery trips before mine pay for themselves. :) - but your so right about the less trips, it makes a huge difference, especially on the 3rd floor!