Monday, February 9, 2009

I should blog that

So I've realized that if I actually blogged everything I say "I should blog that" about then I would have way more on my blog! So here are some random things I have thought about blogging.


James actually said it. I need to document this so that in the future when I need to use it against him I can. He actually said.......we need a bigger house. Now I don't even remember why he said it, but that doesn't matter. Now I can say that he admitted it and keep that in my arsenal for when we really do!

The missing ring

So James has been without his wedding since the end of October. He took it off while juggling the torches and we couldn't find it. We had looked everywhere. I had even recently reorganized a lot of our cluttery spaces. So since it is now February, we decided to go and just get him a new wedding ring. I jokingly said the minute we order the new ring the old one will turn up. So we headed off Friday to the almost dead Metro North Mall. He found a nice Titanium ring that was on a small sale. He liked it. I liked it (other than the fact that my ring is gold and now they won't match and I think that is weird.) I still thought it was a nice ring and wanted him to get something he liked. So we paid our 20% down and ordered the ring. .....Later that night at bedtime...James and I are getting read to hop into bed and he says hmm wait a minute. He looks behind our bed......and wouldn't you know there is his old ring! Then he tells me he vaguely remembers it falling off his nightstand and not being able to find it. So this is really how he lost it. It wasn't in the grass (as I had feared) to be found this summer by the lawnmower. It was just behind the bed. Sigh! But we had already order the new ring and he had his heart so set on that I couldn't tell him to return it. So yes, he will now have to wedding rings. Is this weird? Probably, but oh well.

There was a third story that I was supposed to write. But now I can't remember it. Hmm it will come to me later I suppose. I will blog it then! hehehe


KC Mom said...

I do the same thing...I think about random things I want to blog about all the time. It's like I have no blog filter!
We'll all remember and back you up on the bigger house now!!

Shauna said...

my neighbors house is for sale

Catherine said...

hey!!!! You can buy MY house (in Kansas City)!!!!! It's only rented out for the time being . . . hint, hint.

I like James's tactic to get a new ring . . . hmmmm, if I misplace my car, can I get a new one?? (not the same thing, of course, but, I'm ready for a new car.)

Cari said...

Jeff wears two rings all the time. The new ring can just be a right hand ring. This just means that James now owes you a matching annivarsery band. ;)

Rob the Blog Ninja said...

In James's defense he is keeping the second ring for several very important reasons.

The titanium ring is a symbolic gesture on James's part. He picked the strong metal to demonstrate the strength of his commitment to Sam.

He chose a ring that is different than his original ring to emphasize that even though they both have changed over the years his love is still the same today as it has been since he said "I do"

He wanted a second ring to emphasize the duality of a christian marraige. The first ring represents their matrimonial bliss here on earth and the second is the promise of an infinite, suprising, joyful marraige in heaven.

Whew if that doesn't get you out of the dog house you never had a chance!