Saturday, December 10, 2011

The tree is up

On of my major goals before the baby came was to get the tree up.  I knew that if it didn’t happen before the baby it was going to be really hard to do after the baby. 

Luckily, James’ family held their Thanksgiving day celebration on Monday because his dad was going out of town.  So on Thanksgiving day, we just stayed home, relaxed and put up the tree. 

Sariah was a huge helper this year.  She hung most of the ornaments except the few super fragile ones. 



Ben well he was around, but more into taking this off the tree then putting them on.  So he was given the soft items to just play with. 


I’m not sure if he was putting this on or taking it off.  It looks all cute like he was putting it on the tree so let’s go with that!


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